Travel Insurance

Buy best insurance policy to protect you and your family members from any unconscious and unexpected accidents. Applykaroo avails one of the best and beneficial insurance policies for customers. Apart from availing polices it helps to select best one quite easily. These days it is quite easy to buy policy from top companies of this sector that too with complete transparency. Basic points covered are specified below

a. Buy policy instantly.
b. Compare travel plans by top companies.
c. Affordable premiums rate as per need.

As it is understood that travel insurance is policy that offers financial cover for policyholder in cased of trip or holiday cancellation, flight missing, cancellation, any medical emergencies, loss of passport or any other respective emergency to resolve these issues with ease , not only from financially but from other possible help to respective person. It would be wise decision to buy plan while traveling so that you can enjoy cover for entire trip without any complication. If policyholder is in any medical emergency in other countries then company will arrange medical facilities.

As we know that travelling is quite integral part of human life and their lifestyle. It is one of the best learning curve people who want to live his life with different way. It also gives opportunity of creating beautiful memories with your friends, family members and colleague. Traveling across the world, especially in islands, beautiful hills, forest and other spiritual places to explore their mind and thought. Some policies offer health insurance cover for all respective passengers.

Why to Buy Travel insurance Policies?

1. It will offer quick support in case you have lost your passport.
2. Amount will be refund in case of trip cancellation.
3. Company will offers delicious food items, in case of delay in flight.
4. Helps to make your trip economical.
5. In case of luggage loss company will offer basic facilities.
6. Always ready with medial support.
7. In case of Travel Company bankruptcy, avails financial support.
8. It is quite affordable to buy insurance policy without any complication.
9. Offers support in case of any sudden disaster.
10. As per visa policy of some countries, travel insurance is quire mandatory.

Main Features of Travel Insurance

Travel and Accommodation :- Travel plan offer best cover in case of delay in trip or tour cancellation. Policyholders will also settle the expenses like transportation in trip, hotel expenses, in case of medical emergency expanses of air ambulance and other vital expanses, to ease the load of respective passenger.

Compensation for Flight Issue :- As per guideline of travel plan offering company, in specific conditions like flight cancellation or delay, users will be eligible for asking financial compensation and recovery. It will be applicable in case time spends by users or basically it is covered in case of flight cancellation while travelling to abroad.

Other Expenses and Legal Liability :- Apart from offering above specified facility, companies also offer support in case of respective legal liabilities to resolve issues of respective customers and their issues.

Medical Emergency and Hospitalization :- If in case any passenger suffers with medical emergency or sudden major accidents. If anyone is suffering with these condition then contact to authorize service offering company any seek their support to get out of this situation.

Important Points Related to Travel Insurance Plan

a. Affordability: Always remember that this is quite important point for all new subscribers to know about the estimated cost to mange things accordingly. It is quite easy to pay low premium for insurance policies than spending bigger amount.
b. Tenure of Policy: premium amount always rely on tenure of policy or in other words it can be easily said that both are complementary to each other, it means user need to pay higher premium in case of short tenure.
c. Coverage Offered by Company: It is depends on policy that user will get add on facility or not. As it is understood that add on offers extra protection to policy.
d. Credibility of Company: Credibility of plan offering company is one of the vital factors that decide reaming or associated steps. It is customer’s responsibility to collect required information about company, its previous record and settlement process then take final decision.
e. Destination: Trip destination is also one of the important parts of deciding premium payment. If holiday location is expensive then premium will be high.
f. Assured Sum: Premium of policy also rely on total assured sum. It will be vice versa of high premium and other factor.
g. Age of Person: it is quite obvious that premium will vary with age of applicant and their associated activities.
h. Hassle Free: Policy must be convenient to buy and track its any further updates to keep things transparent and easy.
i. Claim settlement percentage: Check the previous record of claim settlement and time consumed by company to clear the queries.
j. Motive of trip: If you are planning for basic trip then you must opt for basic plan and if trip is related to any adventures sports or trip then it is one of the most significant opportunities for you to buy special travel insurance plan. One thing that user must remember that it is always better to compare features of policy to validate the information about features and other respective concerning points.

Comparison of Travel Insurance Policies

Applykaroo avails the facility to compare insurance policies related to travel insurance, to allow you to signify which plan is suitable for you as per your need. Here, users will earn facilities like.

a.Time and money saving facility.
b.User friendly tool to compare plans with ease.
c.Help to finalize plans quite easily.
d.Registered users will be eligible for receiving regular updates and related information.
e.It helps to resolve the confusion related to particular policies features and match with your expected need.

Eligibility Criteria for Travel Insurance

a. Plan for Family : Under this policy, respective beneficiary will enjoy cover up to age of 60 years and their children may utilize this facility till the age of 21 years, but will be applicable for tow child only.
b. Plan for Students : As per regulation of this policy, companies offers cover for people registered with any reputed institution and their age is between 16 to 40 years.
c. Plans for Senior Citizen : If someone current age is more than 85 years then they will be eligible for benefits of senior citizen travel insurance policy.
d. Scheme for Schengen : All people who are more than 90 days and less than 70 years old will be eligible to apply and utilize the benefits of this exclusive scheme. Generally people travel with motive of business and tourism.

Types of Travel Insurance Coverage

1. Medical Travel Insurance : It is policy of limited tenure and mostly beneficial in case of medical emergency, especially in case of respective person is facing health related issues in other countries. Pros and cons of policy rely on regulation of company.
2. Domestic Trip Protection Scheme : This protection policy is applicable for the people who explore domestic circle of country and face any difficulty in health, sudden death and permanent disability, any liability related issues, loss of bags or any other necessary material.
3. Travel insurance for Student : Generally companies avails this facility with help of respective universities and institution for all student to offer cover in case of medical emergencies. This facility is available not only in Indian institute but for in other countries too. Students need to submit least number of documents for activation of policy.
4. Family Cover Offering Policy : Travel insurance for family is one of the best protection cover for your family while traveling with them in your favorite tourist spot. It will offer cover in case of incident expanses, loss of bags, hospitalization or medical expenses. It is quite easy to settle claim for this policy.
5. Multi Trip Travel Insurance : If you are frequent traveler then this type of policy is best for you that will offer excellent cover throughout the year. Users do not need to apply any authentication related policy to make things easier while applying for claim settlement.
6. International Travel Insurance : It will offer special cover in case of evacuation, repatriation to India, medical expenses, loss of baggage, loss of important documents like passport, visa and Identity card, plan hijack and other respective condition.
7. Group Travel Insurance :This type of policy will be beneficial for all people of same group who are not related to each other. Group member may be connected with each other through any public group or any other working group.
8. Corporate Travel Insurance : All reputed government and corporate group avail this facility to their employee in case of international and domestic trip.
9. Plans for Individuals : It avails the facility as its name suggest, in most of cases avails financial cover in case of trip cancellation, cut in trip schedule and home robbery.
10. Policy for Single Trip : if someone plans to any specific location then it would be one of the best schemes to get medical and financial cover. Users may easily get information about other interesting facilities and benefits by contacting to support or customer care team.

Major Benefits of Travel Insurance

1. Credit Card fund replacement facility.
2. Support in case of personal documents, luggage.
3. Cover in case of loss in income.
4. Cover for personal liability.
5. Avails alternate transportation facility.
6. Facilities related to rental vehicle excess.
7. Help in case of partial and permanent disability.
8. Manage travel expenses and travel accommodation.
9. Assistance in medical emergency.
10. Journey resumption.

Exclusion Point of a Travel Insurance Policy

a. Damage or loss of Key.
b. Train and flight missed due to any civil or domestic war.
c. In case of baggage delay within 24 hours.
d. Growth in coast due to local or civil war.
e. Pre existing illness causes hospitalization.

Points Covered under Travel Insurance Policy

a. Emergency cash coverage.
b. Coverage in case of delay in flight and train.
c. In case of hospitalization in domestic as well as international circle.
d. Loss of personal documents.
e. Cover by sponsors.
f. Air ambulance facility.
g. Train or flight accident insurance and cover.
h. Psychological coverage.
i. Support in case of instant evacuation.
j. Personal health and financial cover.
k. Emergency dental care.

Add on Coverage by Insurance Policy

a. Offer cover for pre-existing deices or illness.
b. Cover for high risk taking game like adventures sports.
c. Insolvency of third party supplier.
d. Boost cover in case of accidental death and dismemberment.

Travel Insurance Claim Settlement Process

1. In any medical or other emergency while traveling, it will be wise to contact to executive or support team and explain your condition. You need to confirm your contact details including your mobile number, email id to authorize team by contacting them on their toll free number.
2. Then give them your document as proof including policy document.
3. Send them other vital docs like copy of policy, immigration stamp, premium payment receipt along with police report.
4. After submission of data, tea will validate information and will process for final steps.