Tax Identification Number

As PAN card or permanent account number is used by tax payers as address proof while paying tax. To monitor the corporate transaction or transaction made by any business enterprise TIN number allotted by the income tax department of India as business identification number. If your business is registered under GST or VAT then TIN registration is quite mandatory to handle transaction. This is quite important step taken by the IT and finance department to resolve all transaction related issues and it will bring all intra state, interstate transaction along with any other transactions. With the help of TIN number tracking information about tax related transactions and information and will task of income tax department.

Income tax department is authorize to allot and distribute to all registered enterprises to track all transactions along with distribution of attributes. If you are looking to apply for TIN number then go through IT department and follow the procedure. TIN number is combination of 11 distinct characters out of which last two character represent to applicants state code.

Procedure to Apply for Tax Identifier Number (TIN)

To make process easy, IT department avails the facility of online and offline application for applicants as per their comforts. State government commercial tax department allot TIN number as per application submitted by enterprises.

While submitting commercial taxes like VAT, TIN number availability is mandatory. This is one of the most effective ways to track the registration and transaction in most of the countries. This will help to know about the position of business and registration under VAT. Process for applying to TIN number is different as per policy decided by that state government. Final decision taken under central sales tax act.

Need and Importance of TIN number

Central tax department of respective state allot tax registration number (TIN) as per application received. As we know that this is unique 11 character combination to recognize all corporate transactions. If you are producer, manufacturer, importer, dealer, trader or any business professional then TIN is quite mandatory to continue all business. TIN will be necessary if sales or buy of goods is continue amount two or more state.

Document Required While Applying for TIN

Although need of document as per state government but some specific document are listed below:
a. Reference or Security.
b. Document to prove address.
c. 4 to 6 recent passport size photograph.
d. PAN card
e. Address of business enterprises.
f. Documents to prove identity.