Home Credit Personal Loan

Home Credit Personal Loan




Instant Approval


12 months to 48 months *


    1. Minimum documentation
    2. Quick process and approval
    3. Transparent application process
    4. 24*7 customer services
    5. Affordable rate of interest
    6. Maximum quantum with flexible tenure


1. An applicant should be a resident of India
2. Minimum age requirement - 19 yrs
3. He or she should be a Salaried or Self Employed Professional / Non professional
4. He or she should be working with the current employer for minimum last 1 year
5. He or she should have continuous source of income to service the loan


1. Identity and address proof documents.

Home Credit Personal Loan

About Home Credit Company

Established in 1997, Home credit is an international non-banking financial institution founded in Czech Republic and headquartered in Netherland. With its brand campaign "Bade Bano Bade Chalo", the financial institution encourages customers to rise up with HC's affordable and convenient services. The company operates across 14 countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam. The company focuses on lending credit and loans primarily to people with low or no credit history. It has over 15 million happy customers with two-thirds in Asia only. In 2015 company launched its operations in the USA through a partnership with Sprint Corporation.

About Home Credit Personal Loan

Home Credit's Personal Loan can help you achieve your dreams of having that perfect wedding to visiting your dream holiday destination. The loan can also be availed in order to meet unexpected expenses and medical emergencies too.

Personal loan is a type of unsecured loan that doesn't involve any collateral security against the loan and thus, the loan can be taken to meet any short-term finance needs like foreign trips, medical emergencies, wedding expenses, higher educational degree, etc. The only condition is that the Home credit loan amount should not be used for speculative purposes.

Home credit personal loan can be taken for various purposes such as:

1. Pursuing higher educational degree in India or abroad
2. Making wedding arrangements
3. Marriage in the family
4. Dream vacation
5. Festival expenses
6. Furnishing or renovation of house
7. Medical emergencies
8. Debt consolidation
9. To pay outstanding credit card bills
10. Purchase of consumer durable goods
11. Purchase of high end consumer goods
12. Purchasing of high end lifestyle products.

Personal Loan Interest Rate

The rate of interest is principally reliant on:-

1.Organization for which the imminent borrower is working
2.Credit history of the borrower
3.The bank may dismiss the personal loan application if the borrower has defaulted on his past duty on any credit card or loans.
4.The maximum loan quantum is reliant on prospective borrower's salary and his capacity to benefit the loan and can avail up to as high as Rs. 30 lakhs. The final loan application is reliant on host of different factors like regular fixed costs, existing loan repayment, and so on.

Benefits and Features of Personal Loan

It is an unsecured loan type which implies an advance offered without keeping any advantages (e.g., house or auto) as security. Unsecured personal loans are offered based on the candidate's credit repayment record. In the event that you have not defaulted on instalments of a prior loan and have paid all the credit card bills on time, you will be seen as a generally safe borrower. Interest rates for personal loan are assigned by the client's net income, the loan quantum, loan tenure, and other criteria factors. The repayment period is fixed and can range up 5 years. A personal loan requires least paperwork and quickly approved within less than 48 hours of submitting the application. In addition to processing fee that is charged up to 1% of the loan amount approved different charges collected on a personal loan includes prepayment fee, late payment charges, documentation charges and check bounce charges.
There are two appealing highlights of a personal loan:

Complete flexibility of end-use - There are no limitations on how you ought to spend the credit sum. This is in contrast to a home or automobile loan where the sanctioned loan amount must be utilized to purchase a property or a vehicle specifically respectively. You have the opportunity to utilize the amount based on your specific needs.

No collateral required - A personal loan is an 'unsecured loan' type, which means you are not required to give any security in the form of cash, shares or any other assets to the moneylender. This may make it more alluring to a few clients who will be unable to raise the money required as insurance.

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