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Fullerton Personal Loan

* Age must be between 21 to 65 Years.
* Minimum monthly income Must be INR 25000
* Same procedure for salaried and self employed.
* Instant Loan Approval Facility.

* Fullerton is independent financial organisation, it’s not a bank.
* Fullerton India starts its business processing in India in 2006-07.
* Currently it is providing its services with more than 850 franchises in across the Country.

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Fullerton India Bank Personal Loan

Fullerton India offers various financial services like personal loan, home loan, life insurance, business loan and some other useful services easily. Fullerton India is non banking financial organization providing its services through more than 800 branches, 600 cities and more than 30,000 villages. Fullerton India Credit Company Limited is operated and handled by Fullerton Financial Holdings Pvt. Ltd. And parent company is consistently working towards growth of organization to spread its services smoothly. Approved personal loan can be used in different expenses like medical care, home renovation, catering, abroad tour or any important task. Customers will get loan as per their income proof and eligibility.

Basic Features of Fullerton India Bank Personal Loan:-

a. Standard documentation, simple procedure and easy to understand policies.
b. Loan approval within two working days.
c. Fullerton India bank offers personal loan in lowest interest rate.
d. No guarantor is required for loan approval.
e. One of the best 24/7 customer support facility to help customers instantly.
f. Customers will get part payment facility.
g. To complete process quickly Fullerton India provides the facility of online application.
h. Fullerton India provides pre- approved loan facility for its customers to save their valuable time. Customers are free to use loan amount as per their requirement.
i. In any special occasion or festive season bank avails some interesting offers for customers.

Eligibility Criteria for Fullerton India Bank Personal Loan

1. Applicant’s age must be between 21 to 60 Years.
2. More than three years work experience.
3. Minimum salary 17,000 or more.
4. Minimum loan approval amount Rs. 50000 (Tier 2, 3 and 4 cities), Rs. 65,000 (Metro & Tier 1 cities).
5. Maximum loan approval amount 20 lakhs.

Important Information about Fullerton India Bank Personal Loan

1. Interest Rate: - 19.50%- 37%.
2. 2% processing fees.
3. Foreclosure charges up to 7%, 0 after three years.
4. Repayment tenure up to 4 years.

Offers for Women Customers

1. Maximum loan approval limit is up to 10 Lakhs.
2. Instant loan approval for women applicants from urban, semi urban and metropolitan areas.
3. Up to 2% discount on interest rate.
4. 4 years or 48 months repayment facility.

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