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LIC Housing Finance

Life Insurance Corporation of India venture LIC Housing Finance is one of the biggest and one of the most reliable loan providing destination.

It is widely popular destination that provides loans to customers in lowest interest rate, processing fee, low documentation fees and provides loans instantly.
LIC Housing Finance home loan:- Current interest rate of LIC housing finance loan is 8.55%.
Documentation charges: - 10,000 + (Service tax).
Eligibility for Home Loan:- 1. Age must be between 18 years to 60 years.
2. Salary must be Rs.15000 (p.m).
3. Applicants must have 2-3 Years of Experience.
4. Must have valid ID proof.
5. Must have valid account.
6. Last Three month salary slip.

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Bajaj finserv personal loan

Bajaj finserv is an Indian company that provides financial services to its customers with interesting offers, bonus and interest rate.

It is part of Bajaj Holdings & Investments Limited and one of the most reliable destinations that avails various services to customers.
Benefits of Bajaj Finserv Personal loan:- 1. Simple, Secured, Transparent transaction System.
2. Interesting offers.
3. Flexibility in payment.
4. Lowest interest rates.
5. No hidden Charges.
6. Apply for personal loan up to 25 Lakhs and get Amazon shopping voucher worth INR 14000.
Bajaj Finserv Interest rates:- 1. For salaried Employee interest rate is 11.99% - 15.50% and for self employed interest rate is 14.00% - 20.00%.
2. Minimum loan approval amount is INR 100,000 and max amount is 3,000,000.
Bajaj Finserv Processing Fees:- Bajaj Finserv charge up to 2% of loan amount.
Eligibility for Bajaj finserv Personal loan:- 1. Age must be between 21 years & 65 years.
2. Salaries slip of last two month for salaried employee.
3. Must be citizen of India.
4. Xerox of Credit card.

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ICICI Bank Personal Loan

ICICI bank provides various types of loan to its customers as per their requirements. It provides loan amount up to 20 Lakhs to fulfill your needs.

Why to Choose ICICI bank:-1. Completely transparent transaction system.
2. Quickest processing system.
3. Lowest interest rate and EMI.
4. Not Necessary to have Guarantor or Assets Guarantee.
5. Flexibility in repayment of amount.
ICICI BANK Interest Rate: - ICICI Bank Interest rate for Personal loan is between 11.59% - 17.50%.
Processing Fees: - 1% - 2.5% of loan amount, in special cases only 999/-.
Eligibility Criteria for Personal loan: - 1. Salaried Employee
a. Age must be between 23 to 58 Years.
b. Must have Account in ICICI Bank.
c. Salary must be between 20,000 to 25,000 per month.
2. Self Employed
a. Age must be between 25 to 65 Years.
b. Must have current or saving account in ICICI Bank.
c. 1 Lakhs for Non Professionals and 2 Lakhs for Business/ property organization.

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Fullerton Personal Loan

It provides various types of loans like as personal loan, home loan, business loans, life insurance with interesting facilities.

- Fullerton is independent financial organization, it�s not a bank. Fullerton India starts its business processing in India in 2006-07. It provides various types of loans like as personal loan, home loan, business loans, life insurance with interesting facilities. Currently it is providing its services with more than 850 franchises in across the Country.
Why to Choose Fullerton India:-
1. Some simple steps need to follow as per condition.
2. Quick processing system.
3. It offers loans in lowest possible interest rate.
Fullerton India Interest Rate: - Fullerton India offers interest rate between 21.00% - 32.00%.
Processing Charges: - Processing fee for personal loan is 2% of the total loan amount.
Eligibility Criteria for Personal loan: -
1. Age must be between 21 to 65 Years.
2. Minimum monthly income must be more than INR 25000, applicable for both salaried and self employed.

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Aditya Birla Money Personal Loan

Aditya Birla Money is venture of Aditya Birla Group. It provides loans for various types of loans like home loan.

Why to Choose Aditya Birla Money:-
1. Fully Transparent transaction.
2. Easy Processing.
3. Lowest EMI and Interest Rate.
4. User friendly repayment system.
Aditya Birla Money Interest Rate: - Current Interest rate for personal loan is between 11.5%-13.25%.
Aaditya Birla Money Processing Fees: - 1.25% to 1.75% of the Loan Amount is what Aditya Birla Money charges for personal loan.
Eligibility Criteria for Aaditya Birla Money Personal Loan:-
1. Must have a valid account.
2. Age must be between 23 to 60 Years.
3. Monthly income must be more than 45000.

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PNB Home Loan

Punjab National Bank provides Loans for its customers to purchase their dream home or invest in real state.

PNB Interest Rate: - Current Interest Rate of PNB for Home Loan is between 9.15% - 9.20% per Lakhs.
Processing Fee: - PNB charges 0.50% of loan amount.
Documentation Charges: - INR 1350/-
Why to choose PNB Home loan:- 1. Most flexible payment system.
2.Rewarded as countries best bank.
3.Bank that earn maximum benefits.
4.Maximum market coverage.
5.Dynamic interest rate as per market demand.
6.Around 10 crore customers and 6650 branches across the country.

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Loan can be defined as the fixed amount of money that the borrower has to return to its provider with interest as per deal terms and condition. In modern era, individuals take loan from authorize bank or financial organization as per their interest and need to fulfill their various important tasks. Bank and financial organization offers different loans types such as personal loan, home loan, education loan, vehicle loan, crop insurance and several others. These loans resolve instant need of money and provide you instant help. Applying for loan becomes even better and secure with the help of technology and to get instant loan online is easier than ever before.


1. First thing user need to do is explore all trending bank or financial institution information.
2. Compare best plan of loan to make your selection easy.
3. Then select best offers and facility providing loan plan.
4. Read customers feedback regarding that offer from online sources.
5. Validate loan provider records to avoid any future financial trap.
6. After successful authentication of advertisement details complete the documentation of records.
7. Once you submit all necessary details to loan provider bank or institution you will get your approved loan amount in your bank account.


Get the best offers on Loan


Individual look for this loan when he need money for buying consumer durable things, child education, holidays, hospital bills, personal needs, wedding purpose and several other occasion to get instant solution of financial issue. It can be said that this type of loan used for personal instant need to keep your life simple. Before applying for personal loan check your eligibility, age, monthly income and other useful facts.Personal loan amount can be INR 10000, 20000, 30000, 40000, 50000 and any bigger amount as per need of individual to complete the task with ease.

Personal Loan benefits

1. If your interest rate is good then you will get benefits in personal loan interest rate. So always maintain healthy credit score.
2. Personal loan helps in income tax benefits too.
3. Personal loan provides option to use your money as per your need.
4. Easily approved by authorized bank or financial organization.
5. In process of getting personal loan third party interference is not required.
6. Banks avails various offers to attract customers.


Home loan is amount that is borrowed by individual to purchase home from any authorize bank or financial intuition. Banks have their own criteria and guideline to approve a home loan. If someone is looking to get home loan then he must explore the best offers. Always remember one thing about home loan is that do your complete analysis and survey about that particular offers.

Always go with offers which offer lowest interest rate. As, we all know that interest rates of bank changes regularly as per guideline of Reserve bank of India. There are two factors which play vital role in final approval of a home loan. One of them is always selecting your monthly EMI as per your monthly expenses and another one is that rate of property is not going to be decrease in near future.

Procedure to apply for home loan

1. First of all you need to submit your valid documents.
2. Then, authorize bank will validate your eligibility regarding home loan.
3. Then as per your eligibility authorize bank will decide home loan criteria.
4. After approval of home loan you will get amount in your bank account.

Benefits of home loan

1. Applicants will get advantage in income tax payment.
2. Home loan gives sense of accomplishment. Apart from these two there are so many benefits of home loan.

Important Document for Home loan

1. Applicants income proof.
2. Proof of age.
3. Residence proof.
4. Passport size photo of applicants.
5. Applicants last six month transaction records.

Business Loan

Any financial amount that someone borrows for commercial purpose is business loan. This type of loan helps organization to resolve instant financial issues and help to consistently work for your business growth. In India there are plenty of authorize financial institution and banks that provides loan financing facility for small and major corporate sector companies.

Major corporate houses use different approach to get business loan form financing organization. Before granting loan to companies, banks ask them to complete the procedure of getting loan. Its good to explore the best plans and their condition to avoid any future conflict.

Benefits of Business loan

1. Banks offers business loan with low interest rate, although its hard to get business loan.
2. Banks provides benefits in income tax to respective companies.
3. Business loans are secure and affordable. Applicants get some other remarkable benefits with these advantages.

Eligibility Criteria for Business Loan

1. Applicant must be salaried or self employed.
2. Applicants must belong to private limited firm or limited firm.
3. Organization must be any service provider or manufacturer.
4. Applicant business must be three year old.
5. Applicant age must be between 21 to 65 years.
6. Applicants must submit Income tax report of last 3 years.
7. Minimum turnover of respective company must be 5 million per year along with 2 million profits.

Education Loan

If someone borrows money for their child basic or higher education then it is known as education loan. Main benefits of this loan are that it is completely tax free and all eligible candidates may easily apply and avails this money. Respective individual may use this amount for their higher education not only in India but in abroad too. After the completion of education amount can be easily repay to respective bank or financial organization. As we know that cash advance is another popular name of loan or borrowed amount.

Loan against Property

If loan is borrowed against the mortgage of property then this amount can be easily known as loan against property. In another term it is known as secure loan because banks avails this loan against the security of your property. Loan against bad credit can be easily avails by the respective individual and applying online for loan is of the most convenient approach these days.

Loan against Security

It will be approved on basis of personal asset of individual or any organization. One of the most sticking feature of this loan is that interest rate will be applicable only when someone borrow amount from account. User need to pay amount on basis of certain tenure and it is easy to afford, as per individuals personal financial condition.

Gold Loan

Borrowing loan against saved gold is one of the easiest of loan availability. One of the major benefits of this loan is that there will be no need of credit score and at the same time loan provider never ask for previous credit history and bank statement. They just approve amount on basis of current financial condition only value of gold is important not any other factor. As per policies bad credit and poor credit of applicant matters a lot but not for this loan.

Car Loan

When someone plan to buy new car for their family members especially for your parents, in case of any financial circumstances, individual prefer to borrow amount to buy car. Loan offering company gives plenty of times to respective person to repay the amount. Sometimes it is known as auto loan. Customer just needs to repay amount as per approved EMI on monthly basis to complete the repayment cycle on time.

Popular Unsecured Loan

Get Loan in Lowest Interest Rate

1. Bank Overdraft
2. Peer to Peer lending.
3. Credit Card debit
4. Lines of credit or credit facilities.
5. Maximum Corporate Bonds


1.Go to URL and following window will appear on screen.

2.Enter name of your city, loan type, monthly income and click on the search button.

3.Then, as per user detail relevant loan facility providing companies list will appear on screen.

4.Then, select the best loan offer as per your interest and click on the APPLY NOW button.

5.Enter your authentic information in the application form of respective bank or financial institution.

6.After successful submission of application, Bank will grant loan to you.

Benefits of Loans

As it is understood that loan is a kind of debit and to use that user need to pay interest as per condition of respective service provider and there regulation. In most of the cases people apply for loan to fulfill all needs regarding their personal and business oriented needs. After tenure, applicants need to repay the complete amount. Money is one of the integral parts of everyone life and it can be required in any phase of life. There is some specific reason that makes it necessary outlined below

a. Profit Sharing is not important: If someone has borrowed amount for business prospect and earn some benefits by using that amount then, it is not necessary to share benefits with respective bank and just EMI based repayment is required.
b. Easy to Purchase Expensive Service or Product: After loan availability, individual may look for expensive facilities like medial issues and other vital services with easy without thinking about any complication.
c. Invest Related Flexibility: After approval of loan amount bank never makes any interfere on utilization of amount and individual have full authority to utilize their amount the way wanted to, they may invest amount in business or in stock market. Bank never creates any type of issue between other party and customer; bank just asks to pay EMI always on time to keep things easier and secure.
d. Not necessary to repay amount: Customers need to repay overdraft amount on demand and this type of condition may create problem for respective customer. On demand repay is mandatory only in case of overdraft and in case of loan is not required to repay amount. In complete tenure, user avails guarantee to offer repayment facility of amount with ease.

Features of Loan

Interesting offers on loan

Loan Amount
Application regarding availing loan on certain amount mostly rely on requirement of individual. Loan amount may be large, medium and small. User will always find some difference between the amount he applied and what amount approved by respective bank. In most of cases, bank follows strict regulation and policy before approving the amount as per request made by individual.

Involvement of Parties
To perform loan transaction among one or more parties. In most of cases parties may be customer and respective bank. It may be rely on bank criteria and individual criteria and needs.

Taking Final Call on Processing
End of the day, it is bank that is responsible for taking final decision on application and request of amount approval. Sometimes bank may approve amount on partially, section wise or approval of amount on single call. In most of cases, customers personal information, his/her credit history and other required transaction related processing.

Loan Type or Mode of Loan
As we know that in most of cases, approve amount given is form of cash, in case of special requirement it can in other forms like input resources, raw material and required machineries to complete the task of particular person.

Applicable Interest Rate
This is one of the most vital and important factor that decides the plenty of things like applicant request and eligibility criteria and several other integral part boost interest towards responsibility of both customer and respective bank. Rate may vary with time and market research to make things easier and affordable for customers.

Distribution Pattern of Loan
A per policy of reserve bank of India (RBI), maximum number of time sanctioned amount transferred in current amount of existing customer and in case of new customer, bank ask to open current account first then further processing will be possible.

Tenure of Loan
There are several factors that play special role in deciding tenure of loan; some of them are reason for applying loan, loan type, previous credit history and transaction record of candidate. In most of cases people opt for loan especially short term, prompt use, long term and mid-term basis.

Repayment of Loan Amount
Bank avails loan on condition of repayment of approved amount along with applicable interest rate on monthly installment basis. Maximum times principal amount and interest rate play vital factor in repayment of total amount. In case of outstanding loan amount overall interest rate may affect the repayment amount along with repayment tenure.

Why to apply at

a. Multiple Products, Single Platform: If someone is looking for home, personal, car or other loan then applykaroo is one of the suitable online platforms and it will also ease the selection of products and offers with ease.
b. Easy Online Comparison: There are several parameters on which individual want to be sure and online comparison facility will ease the task. As it will specify valuable information along with feedback and reviews of existing customers.
c. Transparent Working: is online platform that avails information about the recently available offers and it is not a franchise of any bank or financial institutions. Entire processing is transparent and nothing is hidden.
d. Lowest Interest Rate: Here users will get what they wanted to buy that too in affordable interest rate when want to borrow amount for any instant need.
e. Credibility
f. Privacy Protection
g. Instant Quotes

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