TATA AIG Health Insurance

TATA AIG Health Insurance




Life cover for the entire policy term


NA *


*. Pre and Post Hospitalization medical expenses.
*. Domiciliary Treatment.
*. In-patient treatment.
*. Dental Treatment (in case of Accident).


*. Minimum is 18 years (91 days for children) and maximum is 65 years.
*. Policy Term : 1-2 years.
*. Coverage Type : Individual and family floater.


*. Cash Benefit for accompanying on hospitalization of an insured child.
*. Coverage for non-allopathic in-patient treatments like Ayurvedic, Unani or Homeopathy.
*. Health check-up every 4 years of continuous renewal
*. Bonus of 10% increase of annual Sum Assured every claim free year

Tata AIG health insurance

Tata AIG is an Indian General Insurance Company Limited and a joint venture between the Tata Group and American International Group (AIG). While Tata group holds about 74% stakes in the venture, AIG holds the remaining share.

Tata AIG General Insurance Company initiated its operations in January 2001 and provides a host of insurance policies to individuals and corporate. From automobile insurance, home insurance, life insurance, to health insurance, Tata AIG has it all. One can buy these insurance policies through a wide distribution channels.

Health insurance

As an old saying goes ‘health is wealth’, Tata AIG brings services believing the old proverb. Health is the biggest asset anyone can have in their life and thus, needs full protection against any unanticipated condition bothering you physically and financially. The company specifically designs Tata AIG health insurance plans tailored as per individual’s specific need and preferences and promises a wide insurance coverage to provide financial assistance to high-rising medical expenses.

Tata AIG health insurance plans:

Individuals can choose a best health insurance plan for themselves and their family from a host of policy plans. Here are some of top plans for you:

Tata AIG MediPrime health plan

This is a cashless and transparent insurance plan where the policyholders bear no additional medical expenses. Cashless hospitalization can be done across a wide network of more than 3000 hospitals. Get all inclusive hospitalization expense coverage without any sub limits for the plan.

Expenses covered:

• Day care procedure expenses
• Room and ICU charges
• Domiciliary treatment
• Organ donor expenses


Applicants must be of minimum 18 years and Maximum is 65 years, while a new born baby must be 91 days to 21 years old to get covered under this plan.

Tata AIG Wellsurance Executive Plan

The modern day life is all about everyday’s hustle-bustle where we skip to take care of our health in the run. Therefore, this plan is specifically tailored for the busy officials or executive professionals. Keeping the modern day lifestyle in mind, Wellsurance executive plan is designed and categorized in three segments, Classic, Supreme, and Elite plan, which takes care of every professional, while they are running to win bread.

Policy highlights:

• Expenses like hospitalization, ICU charges, and specific minor/major surgeries are covered
• Diagnosis of any one of the nine critical illnesses covered
• Post-hospitalization benefits include outpatient expenses and recovery benefits


Proposers within the age limit of 21 to 65 years are covered under the policy term.

Tata AIG Wellsurance Woman Plans

Today, you cannot only call a man a breadwinner because women too are marching step-by-step to manage both their personal and professional life in a well-balanced manner. However, they skip caring for their health while keeping a balance between their two different worlds. Hence, this health insurance plan comes to their rescue, so that, they don’t have any barriers while managing their worlds.

Policy highlights:

• Diagnosis of any one of the 11 critical illnesses covered
• Higher coverage limits for ICU or CCU admissions
• Recovery benefits
• Ambulance charges covered
• Cosmetic reconstruction recovery benefits


• Women within the age limit of 21 to 65 years are covered under the policy term.

Tata AIG critical illness policy

Life can bring any uncertain twist and turn at the most unexpected time. Today, it is easy to find patients of the critical illnesses which were never heard before and you can say that it has become a common phenomenon which can hamper your health too anytime. Therefore, this Tata AIG health insurance plan is tailored to protect individuals and their families against such uncertain time of life.

Policy highlights:

• Diagnosis of any one of the 11 critical illnesses covered
• Second option benefit
• Sum insured from Rs.2.5 lakhs to Rs.15 lakhs depending on the premium plan you choose


• Proposers within the age limit of 21 to 65 years are covered under the policy term.

TATA AIG Accident and Sickness Hospital Cash Policy

This plan provides accident, health, and sickness cover to individuals and their families.

Policy highlights

• Daily benefit of hospitalization expenses for accidents and sickness
• Hospitalization cash benefit up to 180 days in case of accidents and sicknesses.
• For Accident Medical Expense Reimbursement deduct 5% of benefit amount
• Policyholder will get a grace period of 30 days for paying the renewal premiums


The age limit for the policy plan is from 6 months to 65 year