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Reliance Car Insurance

*. Age should be between 5 to 65 Years.
*. Regular premium payment is mandatory.
*. Maturity of policy depends upon plans.
*. Benefits may vary with time and conditions.

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*. Best insurance facility providing company.
*. Easy premium payment facility
*. Fully Transparent payment system.

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Reliance Car Insurance

Reliance offers one of the best car insurance policies for person who wants to ensure their car and want to enjoy safe driving. As we already know that reliance is one of the most reliable brands in India. Reliance will ensure the customers comforts first, because customers satisfaction is the main motive of company. If you are planning to buy car insurance policy then compare reliance car insurance plan with other competitive service providers and you will know why this is the best plan for you.

Facilities Offered by Reliance Car Insurance

1. Convenient, easy and hassle free processing.
2. Facility to apply online and process even more transparent.
3. Policy approval without any documentation.
4. 24*7 customers support to resolve customers queries.
5. A quick survey team to calculate loss.
6. Cashless payment facility at more than 3800 service stations.
7. Multiple payment option facility for policy holders.
8. Offline support and facility for customers too.
9. Opportunity to save maximum while paying premium.
10. On road assistance for policy holders in case of accidents without any extra charges.

Reliance Car Insurance Cover

1. Policy holders will get cover in explosion, riots, flood, storm, cyclone, theft, typhoon, strikes, transit by rail, on road, lift, elevator or because of any other sold reason.
2. Reliance car insurance will offer liability for third party in case of death, major injuries or in case of loss in property.
3. Add on cover facility for personal accident cover for passenger, driver and owner.

Factors that Affects Car Insurance Premium

1. Age of your vehicle.
2. Design and model of your vehicle.
3. Geographical area of operating vehicle.
4. Cubic Capacity of your vehicle.
5. No claim bonus amount that is available in your account.
6. Depreciation percentage of your premium might affect plan.

Discount offered by Reliance Car Insurance

1. Being members of Automobile Association allow you to save your premium.
2. Your no claim bonus will allow you to save your next premium and you may save up to 50% of next premium.
3. If are buying higher voluntary services then you will definitely get options to save more on premium.

Reliance Car Insurance Exclusion Policy

1. Damaged caused because of drug or alcohol consumption.
2. Normal tears and wears over certain period of time.
3. Damaged caused by nuclear war or civil disturbance.
4. In case of electrical and mechanical damage.
5. In case of any consequential loss.

Reliance Car Insurance Claim Process

Policyholders need to submit following important details along with valid documents. Some of them are: 1. Brief description about accident.
2. Policy number
3. Name of insured person
4. Contact details.
5. Vehicle number
6. Date and time of accidents.
7. Model of vehicle.

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