Reliance Bike Insurance

Reliance Bike Insurance




Third-party Liability Insurance


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*. Flat 50% discount on Premium.
*. Instant Quote Generation.
*. Interesting Offers and Deals.
*. Easiest Renewal Process.
*. Least Documentation Required.


*. Policy tenure - 1 year.
*. Policy Type - Auto Renewable
*. Zero Depreciation cover.


*. Affordable premium.
*. One of the best customer support.

Reliance Bike Insurance

As we know that reliance motor insurance is one of the biggest and reliable insurance services providing company, came in existence in 2001. Currently company is offering exclusive services through its more than 139 offices across the country.

Types of Coverage availed by the Reliance Insurance

a. Lightening.
b. Accident Fire.
c. Explosion.
d. Cyclone, Earthquake.
e. Flood.
f. Self lgnition.
g. Inundation transit by air, road, train, elevator.
h. Strike, riots, theft, terrorism and malicious act.

Advantages of Reliance Insurance (Bike Insurance)

Reliance general insurance offers excellent bonus and advantages for policy holders, some of them are specified below:
a. All policy holders can easily claim for cashless settlement.
b. App subscribers will get the benefits of add on covers so that they may easily expand their integrity and with that facility to customize the policy.
c. Company offers the terrific support facility to resolve all the issues that customers are facing at any point of time.
d. All process of claim settlement pretty quick or it can be said that it will consume limited time to release assured amount.
e. Policy holder can easily buy or renew policy via official website of reliance insurance. This is one of the prime flexibility that anyone can utilize to save their valuable time.
f. Policyholder will earn exclusive reward of no claim bonus in that particular year. Reward can be used whenever subscriber wanted to use that benefit. Under this reward policy insured amount will increase up to 20% for first year, around 25% for the second year, up to 35% for the third year, close to 45% for the fourth year and up to 50% for fifth financial year.
g. Voluntary deductible facility is also available for all policy holders, under the norms of this concept premium amount can be deducted close to INR 1000.

Benefits and Features of Reliance Insurance (Bike Insurance)

1. Premium of this policy will rely on IDV (insured declared value) of vehicle. As per norms and regulation of company, premium is directly proportional to IDV or in other word both are directly proportional to each other.
2. There are two options to two types of bike insurance available, one is package policy and another one is third party liability.
3. Subscriber must always remember that whatever variants of policy you will opt for, after the tenure of one year, policy renewable is mandatory.
4. A third party liability is quite mandatory as per the provision of Indian vehicle act. Under this type of coverage, company will offer coverage in case of minor or major accidents. In short it can be said that this scheme will be beneficial for person or vehicle that suffers due to your vehicle.
5. Package policy not only covers all the benefits of third party liability cover but also offers financial cover to you and your bike.

Documents Required for Reliance Bike Insurance

a. Registration number of bike
b. Vehicle manufacturing date.
c. Engine Number
d. Date and City of Purchase.
e. Chassis Number.
f. If available then, previous policy number.
g. Copy of vehicle RC Book
h. Contact Details of Policy holder.

Exclusion Points under Reliance Bike Insurance

a. Any type of mechanical or electrical breakdown.
b. Depreciation and its relevant loss.
c. Wear and tear along with typical aging of vehicle.
d. Situation where vehicle is used against its maximum using criteria.
e. Any damage done to the vehicle or by the vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance Claim Settlement Process

a. As per requirement, policyholder may contact to customer service provider and tell them about your condition regarding settlement process.
b. After claim registration, user must take their vehicle to any authorize service center of reliance and show them all necessary documents as per their requirements.
c. After this they will forward request to company and then company will decide the liability.
d. If vehicle is in repairable condition and cashless settlement facility is not available in that garage then particular garage, then company will settle bill with garage.
e. If authorize garage is not available in that region then after repairing of vehicle may submit the bill and company will settle the bill.
f. After the completions of above describe process, vehicle will be delivered to policyholder.

Process to Apply for Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance

a. If someone is looking for reliance bike insurance then initially they need to contact to company sales helpline support representative.
b. Tell them about your contact details along with name, mobile number, to contact you whenever they find free time from your schedule.
c. If you want to buy policy online then go to official website of company at buy the plan you wanted to buy.
d. Another, traditional way of purchasing policy is by visiting your nearest branch and buy suitable plan from there.

Add on Covers Availed by the Reliance Bike Insurance

Personal Accident Bundle Cover
Under this cover policy holder will get benefits in case of death and in case of permanent disability. It will be applicable is all prospect excluding driver of vehicle. Insured amount may vary on current condition of vehicle or damage level of vehicle. Benefits of this scheme are listed below:
a. In case of permanent disability or death 100% compensation.
b. If policy holder loses his eye sight, limb Break Company will offer 100% compensation.
c. In case of other damage company will offer around 50% compensation.

Nil Depreciation Cover
Under this cover compensation will be based on loss of vehicle than physical loss of policyholders. Calculation of amount will be finalized right after calculation of loss.
a. Vehicle must be 2 years old.
b. Coverage will be offered only on rubber, plastic and fiberglass component.
c. Under this scheme two wheeler will be covered.
d. Add on coverage be included only time of renewable or while buying new bike.