Attractive Bonus


NA *


* Direct Clam Settlement Facility.
* No Age Restriction.
* Instant and Cashless Processing Facility.
* Attractive Bonus for Policy Holders.


*. Minimum age - 18 years
*. Maximum age - 65 years
*. For Children - 2-21 years
*. Policy tenure - 1 year.


* No Hidden Charges.
* Manage Hospital Expanses.
* Free Health Check up Facility for Policy Holder.

Max Bupa Health Insurance

Max Bupa is joint venture of max, bupa and UK based healthcare company. Company is one of the best heath insurance facility providers in India. Company is consistently improving and spreading its facilities and services. Company is offering services in around 191 countries and millions of people are associated with this healthcare service provider and utilizing their services. Max bupa offers insurance facility like health, life and other medical research. So buy max bupa health insurance policy and earn various benefits. This is India based company that is joint venture of bupa india limited and max. Like other respective companies max bupa offers excellent facilities to all policy subscribers. Company uses the skill and experience of specialist of this field. As it can be seen that there is plenty of competition among services providers to offers most interesting facility and services for customers and with that attract maximum numbers of customers. It can be said that max bupa is one of the best option as far as insurance and healthcare section is concern.

Why Max Bupa Health Insurance?

In modern life style it is important to understand the value of health and health insurance. We all understand the burden of hospitalization and medical expenses, to avoid all the unfavorable condition buy health insurance policy from max bupa as per your budget and financial condition. It would be ideal decision to buy suitable plan to avoid any medical emergencies and health issues. Currently health insurance is available in three categories:

a. Fixed Benefits.
b. Individual Plan
c. Family/Extended Family Plan.
d. Cashless Hospitalization: Company is associated with more than 3600+ hospitals.
e. Maturity Benefits.
f. Lifelong renewability.
g. Health Plans for Entire Family.
h. International Coverage.
i. Comprehensive Insurance Cover.

Types of Max Bupa Health Insurance Policies

Max Bupa Health Companion Insurance Plan for Individual
Max bupa is known for offering affordable insurance policies in field of insurance along with several interesting offers like pre and post hospitalization expanses, offer cover up to 1 crore and direct claim settlement process. Some interesting features of this scheme:
a. If someone buys policy for 2 years then, company will offer up to 12.5% discount on premium of second year.
b. Policy will offer cover not only for policy holder but for family members of respective person including their medical expenses.
c. Policy will cover all applicable medical expenses along with room rent charges without any complication.
d. Policyholder may easily utilize the facility of cashless treatment at the associated nearest hospital.

Max Bupa Health Companion Insurance Family First Plan
Under this scheme more than 19 types of relative may enjoy the facility of cashless treatment. Under this scheme subscriber will get the facility of insuring floater sum. Some points are specified below:
a. Cashless treatment facility can be utilized at only nearest associated hospitals.
b. Offers covers for entire family members of respective family.
c. As per norms of cashless treatment, all charges will be included room rent and applicable charges.
d. All day care facility will be covered for family members, one thing that policyholder must remember that all these facilities will not be applicable in case of outpatient department.
e. As per offers of this policy subscribers will get the facility like cover for 1 moth before hospitalization and 2 months after hospitalization.
f. If someone buys policy for two years tenure then will get the discount of 12.5% in premium of second year.

Max Bupa Health Companion Family Floater Plan
This is one of the easiest Mediclaim plans that will offer maximum insurance and will afford all hospital expanses. Subscriber may easily utilize the benefits like direct claim settlement, international cash coverage along with other vital charges. Prime facilities of this policy are specified below:
a. Cashless Approval within 4 hours at a network hospital.
b. Whenever family members of insured person will hospitalize then as per rule they will get the applicable benefits.
c. If someone buy 2 years plan continuously then they will earn interesting discount on premium.
d. If policy holder will get into trouble due to their mistake then benefits can be incurred. Hospitalization must be before one month and two month of hospitalization.
e. If husband and wife are covered for two continuous years then they will get maternity benefits will be offered for delivery of 2 babies.

Max Bupa Heartbeat Insurance Plan for Individuals
This is quite unique plan that will fulfill all the requirement of joint family member and offers cover for around 14 relations. As per provision, there will be different amount to be insured for relative apart from floating insured sum.
a. If someone will buy policy for two continuous years then as per provision they will earn decent discount on premium.
b. Instant cashless treatment approval at associated hospital network.
c. If parents will be covered for two continuous years then maternity related benefits will be applicable for two deliveries.
d. Medical charges may be recent if policyholder faces trouble due to their own mistake. After the treatment company will settle dues of hospital.
e. After the renewal of plan, new born baby will automatically be insured without any add on premium.

Max Bupa Critical Illness Health Insurance
This is one of the best solution or plan for someone who is suffering with major illness. Policy holder will get assured amount regarding treatment of deceases. It will basically target and cover pre-existing deceases and respective company will offers maximum cover to offer best support for respective person. Some interesting points about this plan are specified below
a. As per policy of plan subscriber will get lump sum amount to diagnose critical illness. Patients must survive for 30 days after treatment.
b. Company offers direct claim settlement facility with help of their customer support team.
c. Policy will offer cover for deceases like speech loss, major organ transplantation, stoke, cancer, bacterial meningitis, first heart attack, bypass surgery, permanent paralysis, deafness, kidney failure or permanent disability due to any reason.

Max Bupa Personal Accident Health Assurance Plan
As we know that accidents not only affect the physical part of body but it also affect the financial condition of respective person and their family members. Under this policy, customers will get cover for permanent disability, child education, partial disability, accidental death or any other critical illness. Some prime features of this policy are specified below:
a. Global Coverage.
b. Assured Renewable for life time.
c. In case of accidental death assured sum will be provided.
d. If someone buys policy for two years then will get decent benefits.
e. In case of permanent disability 125% sum will be assured.
f. In case of permanent partial disability 100% sum will be assured.
g. Facility of direct claim settlement that too in less time duration.

Max Bupa Hospital Cash Health Assurance Insurance Policy
This health insurance plan will cover incidental expenses, such as nursing expanses, transportation cost, and attendant lodging . This policy will cover all hospital expanses as work as virtual health agency. Some other features are specified below:
a. In case of ICU hospitalization, double cash benefits.
b. Global Coverage.
c. Up to INR 4000 for 45 days under daily cash benefits.
d. Insured person can renew policy as per his/her comfort.
e. Direct claim settlement facility for all policyholders.

Customer Care Service of Max Bupa

a. Customer care number: 180030103333 or 01166326666
b. Email Address:
c. Corporate Office Address:
Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited,
B-1/I-2, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate,
Mathura Road, New Delhi-110044
d. CIN No U66000DL2008PLC182918

Customer Support:
a. Policy Document
b. Tracking of claim status.
c. Updates in contact details.
d. Information regarding claiming process.
e. Grievance redressal
f. Facility to download claim form.