Easy Policy Health Insurance

Easy Policy Health Insurance




Low Premium


NA *


* Maximum maturity benefit for policy holder.
* Large sum assured is available in this plan.
* Spend less and get more along with financial cover.
* Financial stability for Policy holder family members.


*. Minimum age - 18 years
*. Maximum age - 65 years
*. Health insurance plans can be renewed for lifetime.


* Easily manageable and affordable premium and plans.

Easy Policy Health Insurance

Easy Policy Health Insurance covers entire hospital expanses of policyholders on the basis of sum insured by individual to handle their medical expanse. Health insurance policies cover entire pre and post hospitalization expanses. Here, users will get insurance plan information as per their requirement and budget. There are various condition that applicant need to follow while applying for policies online.

Importance of Health Insurance

1. In case of emergency need policy holders will get instant financial support to manage their treatment expenses.
2. Policy holders will not only get in support in hospitalization but facility like free regular health checkup.
3. Insured limited amount and forget about the raising in hospital expanses prices.
4. Apart from medical expenses, policy holders will get opportunity to save their money too.
5. If you are paying hospital bills initially then don’t worry, submit all bills and company will return the amount that you have spends.

Why Easy Policy Health Insurance

1. Policy will help to fight with your health related issues.
2. Policy holders will get support in health emergencies and critical issues.
3. Buy insurance policies and get opportunities to save your income tax.
4. Instant approval and anytime, anywhere accessing facility for policy holders.
5. Easy Policy assured medical expanses handling facility for policy holders.

Factors that Affect Health insurance Premium

1. Lower premium for online insurance policies.
2. In case of medical emergency your premium amount may vary.
3. Pre-existing decease or age factor may affect your premium.
4. If you are looking for additional features and facilities then opt for higher premium plans.
5. Buy personal and family cover to get extra discount in premium payments.

Key Advantages of Easy Policy Health Insurance

1. Offer Cover for Pre Existing Illness.
2. Opportunity to save money.
3. Manage Cashless Hospitalization
4. Cover Pre and Post Hospitalization Expanses.
5. Bonus on every No claim year.
6. Out Patient Department (OPD) Benefits for all policy holder
7. Cover maternity Expanses.
8. Restoration Benefits
9. Critical Illness Rider.
10. Special care for all senior citizens.
11. Online wellness program.
12. Day Care Procedures.
13. Annual Health Check up Facility.
14. Top up Plans.

Health Insurance Plan Availed by the Easy Policy

1. Critical Illness Plans
2. Cardiac Care Plan
3. Family Floater Policies.
4. Maternity Policy.
5. Extended Family Plans
6. Personal Accident Plan
7. Dengue Care Plan
8. Super Top-up Plan
9. Senior citizen plan
10. Global Emergency Cover Plan.
11. Plan for cancer care
12. Individual Care Policy
13. Diabetics Plan

Points to Remember While Buying Insurance Policies

a. Keep your focus on larger expanses.
b. Analyze your need to take right decision.
c. Check the associated hospitals list.
d. Determine the amount you want to insure.
e. Go through all applicable terms and condition.
f. Pick the best plan that offers maximum coverage.

Add on Benefits Availed by the Easy Policy Health Insurance

a. Fast Access to information.
b. Extremely easy paperwork.
c. Easy process of application and approval.
d. Complete guideline to claim process.