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We can run out of cash, but, not of sudden emergencies. No matter how well we plan our finances, emergencies can pop up anytime with no invitation. In such emergency situations, you will need an instant loan. As the name suggests, the loan is delivered instantly within less than 48 hours.

Technology plays a major role in the process of online personal loan application. Technology is advancing with each passing day and today, it is no surprise to know that one get the loan online as well from the comfort of their home or office. There are several banking and non-banking companies out there in market that offers convenient, affordable, and hassle-free loan services.

Numerous financial technology companies have come into existence and provide customized loans based on individual needs such as medical emergency, travelling abroad, higher educational fee, or wedding arrangements. This has changed the complete lending process, making it quicker, easier and comfortable for the borrowers.

Features of Instant Online Loan

Online Availability :  The primary benefit of such loans is that they are offered online. One can easily apply for these loans by just going online by filling the online application form.

Instant Loan Approval :  When a borrower applies for a personal loan online, they receive instant approval or rejection based on their eligibility and profile. These companies work on risk-assessment algorithms to minimize the risk factor involved. Thus, receiving instant approval or rejection. Some parameters that determine instant personal loan approval or rejection include age, income, current working organisation, and credit score.

Digital Verification :  One of the best thing about choosing an instant personal loan for an instant Personal loan is the digital application process and digital verification. When you apply for an online personal loan from a fintech. Right from start to finish, everything goes online. The borrowers need to upload their identification, income and residential documents online. The documents are then digitally verified, thus saving your time and effort both.

Quick Disbursal :  As all the process with an Instant Loan is online with FinTech companies, if your loan application gets approved then the loan amount borrowed will be disbursed within hours.

Flexible Tenure And Loan Amount :  Most of the banks that offer personal loans don’t use technology and with them one to borrow a minimum of Rs. 50,000 with tenures starting from 12 months to 60 months. But, with Instant loans from FinTech companies isn’t a limit on the maximum loan amount that can be borrowed though, most banks quote a maximum loan amount of at least Rs 25 lakh. Apart from this it is totally unsecured mean no need of collateral or security.

Online Availability :  The primary benefit of such loans is that they are offered online. One can easily apply for these loans by just going online by filling the online application form.

Instant cash loans online

It can get hectic to make multiple visits to the banks and complete the lengthy paperwork formalities, especially when you’re already stuck in a financial emergency. But, thanks to instant cash loans online that has made the borrowings quite convenient and hassle-free. Compared to the traditional borrowing experience, online lending apps function faster and simpler.

Benefits of instant loans online:

Low credit score :– First of all, as it is a short-term loan, lenders are not much worried about the applicant’s credit standing and thus, approves loan application even for those having low credit score.

Affordable interest rates :– Another plus point is that online loans are offered at affordable interest rates, usually starting from 2% per month.

Flexibility :– Borrower has got the power to flexibly select the tenure from 1 month to upto 6 months. This gives them enough convenience to manage their finances well.

Transparent process :– As the entire instant cash loans application is processed on a digital platform, the borrower doesn’t have to worry about the hidden terms and other charges.

Quick disbursal :– Applicant doesn’t have to wait for days for the amount disbursal as the loan is quickly disbursed as soon as the application gets approved. It hardly takes more than 1 hour for an entire process to complete.

So, this was all for now and as you’re aware of the benefits of instant cash loan online, get your bank account credited quickly with the amount you’re in need of.

Instant cash loan in India

Are you struggling to bridge financial differences and looking for instant cash loan in India? If yes, then you’ve surely landed at a right place. Online instant loans are gaining quite popularity for its easy availability and quick disbursal features. Many salaried individuals and working professionals prefer instant loans, rather than approaching banks or relatives for immediate cash requirements. Notably, there are several lenders at digital platform offering online flexi loans at the applicant’s convenience.

So, before you apply for instant cash loan in India, have a look at the top online lending companies.

Faircent :– Faircent is a peer-to-peer lending institution that offers loans and credits to the applicants at lower borrowing cost and flexible tenure. It functions entirely on digital platform, so that the applicants don’t have to go through hectic traditional process of making multiple visits to the bank. In addition, Faircent offers instant loans even to applicants having low credit score.

PaySense :– Borrowing instant loan was never this easy. With PaySense’s P2P platform, applicants can avail instant cash loan within three easy steps. Apply for a loan, scan and upload the KYC documents, and get your money credited in your bank accounts in no time.

Instant cash loan in 1 hour

Instant loans have gained quite popularity for the fact that they’re quickly accessible and extremely affordable. Moreover, there are several reasons to avail instant cash loan in 1 hour. So, let’s move further and check out the reasons to apply for instant loan online.

Fund your trip :– In this hustle-bustle life, it’s good to take timely breaks to rejuvenate the mind and body. But, many of times, we have to keep our desires aside due to high flight ticket prices and travelling cost. And this frustrates us even more. So, instead of compromising your desires, why not get an instant cash loan to meet all your travel desires.

Gift your loved ones :– Be it a birthday, anniversary or some significant dates, surprise your loved ones with something really amazing. Get the instant cash loan in 1 hour, so that you don’t have to wait to gift your loved ones with a bang-on surprise.

Delay in salary :– Well, this is a common scenario, especially for the employed individuals. Every now and then, their salary gets delayed, which ultimately affects their billing cycles and raises penalty as well. However, with an instant loan online, you don’t have to wait for the paydays to clear your dues and outstanding bills. Get the amount credited to your bank account within less than 1 hour.

Hence, don’t need to compromise your needs and desires when you can avail instant cash loan in 1 hour to bridge all your short-term financial gaps.

Types of Online Instant Loan

Festival Loans :  Festivals are moments to share joy and love with your close ones, but, festivals come with a share of unavoidable expenses.

Wedding Loans :  Everyone has some set of expectations and desires for their D-day and this is what wedding loans are provided for. Wedding loans are availed by couples and families to manage the expenses such as catering booking, shopping, hotel bookings, decoration, etc.

Holiday Loans :  Such loans take good care of travelling expenses without dipping into your hard-earned savings or disturbing the monthly budget.

Consumer Durable Loan :  As mentioned earlier, technology is advancing day by day and thus, it is important to stay updated with the changing technology. Hence, at times, the need of buying advanced technology lace consumer durable goods occur, where such online loan comes handy with quick and transparent process and loan approval.

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