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EMI Calculator

EMI calculator allows users to calculate EMI as per their monthly income and help to select loan amount and offers. With the help of this calculator individual can calculate their Education Loan EMI, Loan against Property EMI, Home Loan EMI, Personal Loan EMI, Car Loan EMI and other EMI as per requirement.

Steps to calculate your EMI through calculator

1. Enter your loan amount.
2. Specify your loan tenure.
3. Specify interest rate as per respective bank policy.
4. Click on CALCULATE EMI button.
5. You will get result as per your details.

Apart from information about EMI, users will get other useful information total amount including interest, total interest amount, monthly and yearly interest. Explore the best plan and to avoid any complication in future always select EMI as per your budget. Before final selection user must compare plans of all banks to understand plans. In modern era, banks offer various plans as per customer’s requirement and help them to fulfill their need.

Benefits of EMI Calculator

1. EMI calculator helps you to configure your interest rate as per your budget, if you are planning to shift your loan.
2. Allow you to compare interest rates of different banks.
3. Help you to apply for loan as per your budget.

About Interest Rate in Loan

Floating Interest Rate: - Any interest that change with time or after particular duration, is floating interest rate. If your loan is based on this category then calculation of EMI will be complicated.
Fixed Interest Rate: - Any interest rate that does not change with time and will remain same is, fixed interest rate. EMI calculation is quite easy if your loan belong to this type of interest rate.

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