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    *. Earn up to INR 2000 cashback on Brokerage
    *. Free Account Opening Facility
    *. One Month Free Brokerage Facility
    *. Opportunity to earn 100% cash back with oswal securities


1. Debt Fund: Yes
2. Mutual Fund: Yes
3. Comodity : Yes
4. IPO: Yes
5. Currency:Yes
6. Equity Trading: Yes
7. Bonds: Yes


1. Currency Futures: INR.20/Lot
2. Currency Options: INR. 20/ Lot
3. Equity Future: 0.05%
4. Equity Delivery: 0.50%
5. Equity Options: INR. 75/ Lot
6. Equity Intraday: 0.05%
7. Commodity: 0.03%

Motilal Oswal Demat Account

Motival Oswal is India based diversified financial services offering firms located in Mumbai, came into existence in 1987. Motilal oswal securities limited is popular for availing services like Industrial banking, private wealth management, home finance, commodity broking, currency broking, asset management, investment banking, retail broking and distribution along with private equity. As it known that company has huge customer support especially for services like mutual investment, corporate client, retail customers, financial investors, foreign investor and mutual funds.

As per recent updates company is offering its services in more than 600 cities, along with more than 1800 business location jointly handle business to boost company performance. Currently more than 2500 employees are handling more than 8 lakh customers request and services related enquires. One of the major reasons behind success of company is its analysis and well planed strategies.

How does a Demat account works?

  • The depositories in India, CDSL, and NSDL hold all the demat accounts and entire share trading details of the individual account are held at the central depository.
  • Every demat account holder has a unique identification number which needs to be provided while conducting transactions.
  • The access to CDSL and NSDL is provided by the DPs or the depository participants. These can be the brokers or the banks who act as a bridge between the investor and the central depository. Motilal Oswal is one such depository participant with whom one can open a demat account.
  • The demat account that is opened by the investor holds the securities and one can check the details of their holding from their portfolio. The portfolio of the investor gets updated automatically when a transaction happens.

Benefits of Online Account Opening

1. Instant account opening form.
2. Allow fund transfer facility via internet banking and debit card.
3. Intuitive
4. Activation of account within 15 minute.
5. Secure
6. Avails the facility of real time tracking.

Why to Choose Motilal Oswal Demat Account?

Operational Efficiency
a. Top open account user just need to follow 6 mandatory steps and spend 10 minutes.
b. Account will be activated within 24 hours.
c. Experience, expert, dedicated customer support team committed to resolve issues within 4 hours.
d. One of the best risk management facilities.
e. Real time payout facility to existing customers.
f. Add on facility for customers on basis of their progress report.

Leading Broker Bank in India
a. CNBC TV18 Financial Advisor Awards for 4 times in a row for offering best financial advice.
b. Offering financial services more than 29 years.
c. Solid advice, solid research based future investment planning.
d. More than 600 cities, 9 lakh + customer and 2000 location to serve to customer.

a. Solid advice across all assets along with award winning strategy.
b. Secure, powerful and fast technology available for all platforms for mobile, desktop, tablet or online.
c. Avails the facility of Investment, trading, tracking after login into profile.
d. Technical chart and live streaming quotes to bring much clearer support for all customers.

Services and Product
a. Brings all investment option in single platform.
b. Avails maximum account related option and activities online to save time.
c. Allow to trade across exchanges like NCDEX, BSE, MESI, NSE
d. Highly integrated, robust platform that resolve issues in real quick time.
e. Before launching any product company put plenty of efforts on research and analysis.

Research Services
a. Qualified experts team for longer tenure, mid cap and regarding technical research term.
b. More than 26 sectors, 31000 research reports for more than 260 companies.
c. One of the leading and globally recognize company.
d. Avails reports on monthly, weekly, yearly, daily and quarterly basis.

Trading Platform availed by Motilal Oswal

1. Call N Trade: This is one of the best and suitable platform for people who have no interest in accessing and company will be never ask for additional charges.
2. Online or Web Based Platform: It is one of the easiest ways to operate trading account and explore all available features.
3. Desktop Based Platform: If you are interested in faster execution along with real time market based research.
4.Mobile Based Platform: ID mobile is GPS facility enabled then investor may buy or sell shares. Investor may also utilize the facility of customization and cancellation of ordered product.

Types of Account

a. Margin Account: If someone does not want to commit for upfront subscription then margin account will be the best option for them.
b. Value Pac: It is kind of upfront subscription scheme and will offer maximum discount on brokerage rate while picking subscription tenure.

Benefits Availed by the Motilal Oswal

a. Avails the facility of balance transfer in more than 39 nationalized banks.
b. Provide the opportunity like derivative, mutual funds, equity and IPOs.
c. Give true value of money under discounted brokerage scheme.

Motilal DEMAT Account Opening Charges

Account Opening Charges
As per recent reports only depository participants (DP) charge for account opening, no one else ask for any fees to open account. Generally neither any bank nor any financial organization asks for fees, in case of account reactivation applicable fees will be charged. Fee is refundable if someone is fulfilling all eligibility to do so. Major stock holding companies avails the facility of life time free account especially for those who are interested in longer tenure.

Transaction Fees
Banks and financial organization impose this fee on monthly basis for debiting and crediting amount from demat or trading account. Transaction fee may be charged on % basis or some depository participants ask for flat charges. Trading account transaction fees may vary on basis on buying and selling amount of share. It is DP (depository participants) condition to impose fees in case of deposits or in case of buying and selling. Apart from this other charges may be mailing charges, credit charges, GST, instruction failure charges and other fees as per condition of respective bank or financial organization.

Annual Maintenance Charges
It is also known as folio maintenance fee and it is mandatory to pay this amount in advance. Applicable fee amount may vary between INR 300 and INR 500, basically this criteria rely on DP(depository participants). As we seen tough competition in market, some companies allow to perform transaction without any charges for first year.

DEMAT Charges
It is customer’s responsibility to compare all features and other valuable points. Otherwise sometimes things may become complicated. In some cases, user needs to pay over charges for small task.

Difference between Trading and Demat Account

Basic of Both Accounts
Both account types are integral part of dematerialized accounts. Basically trading is mediator between banks and demat account. It is possible to sell shares of demat account with the help of trading account. In normal words it can be said that trading account works as current account for purchasing share, on the on the other hand demat account act as saving account that offers storage facility.

Difference in Charges
Basically, there is no criteria in deposit and withdraw of amount by using valid PAN card. As per requirement respective person or organization may opt for multiple demat account with same or different broker. One major concerning points with this account is that if someone is holding more than one account then it will be necessary to pay annual maintenance charges, whether account is active or not. Apart from AMC, user needs to pay other vital, applicable charges including transaction charges.

Value of Trading and DEMAT Account
Basically share purchase from trading account and transfer amount via linked account then shift all share into demat account.

Difference in Function
As far as stock trading is concern both trading and demat account are required. Mostly it is preferred to buy or sell share via trading account and demat account is preferred for all securities related concern and when it comes to convert securities into electronic form physical form.

Motilal Oswal Customer Care Number and Other Details

1. To know about account opening related queries: 91-22-62126600 or mail at
2. Trade and Call: 91-22-39982600
3. To Become Partner: +91-9769972825 or email at
4. Regard Support related queries: 91-22-39982515 / 67490600 or mail at
5. Registered Office Address: Motilal Oswal Tower, Rahimtullah Sayani Road, Opposite Parel ST Depot, Prabhadevi, Mumbai-400025; Tel No.: 022-3980 4263
6.Correspondence Address: Palm Spring Centre, 2nd Floor, Palm Court Complex, New Link Road, Malad (West), Mumbai- 400 064. Tel No: 022 3080 1000