how to open demat account








    *. Zero Brokerage Charges.
    *. Instant Account Opening Facility.
    *. Avails Health Insurance Facility for all account holders
    *. Facility to save more than 90% of Total Amount.


1. IPO: Yes
2. Currency:Yes
3. Equity Trading: Yes
4. Bonds: Yes
5. Debt Fund: Yes
6. Mutual Fund: Yes
7. Comodity : No


1. Commodity Futures: N/A
2. Commodity Options: N/A
3. Currency Futures: INR 10
4. Currency Options: INR 10
5. Equity Future: INR 10
6. Equity Delivery: INR 10
7. Equity Options: INR 10
8. Equity Intraday: INR 10

5Paisa Demat Account

5paisa is one of the prime financial institutions that avails the facility of multiple financial products and services for customers. Here customers will learn about investment opportunity along with exciting saving opportunities. It is customer’s responsibility to understand the importance of saving because it is said that money saved is money earned. Company uses technology based statics and analysis report to open special investment opportunities in trading. It follows one of the easiest interfacing approaches to make transaction processing much easier not only from company point of view but from investor point of view as well. As per recent statics more than 3 million happy customers are enjoying the services of company and earning maximum benefits along with security. 

Now, when you buy or sell shares, the broker credits or debits your demat account respectively with the shares and the same is reflected in the statement of holdings. Accountholders can also view their shareholding statement online. Basically, there are two major depositories operating in India – NSDL (National Securities Depositories Limited) and CDSL (Central Depository Services Limited) through whom the shares are held by numerous depository participants. 

Products of 5Paisa

Mutual Funds
a. Automated statics based recommendation for customers.
b. Opportunity to customize policy as per financial condition.
c. Avails smarter way to invest amount.
d. Attractive interest rate and portfolio.

Online trading
a. Allow trading from mobile, web and desktop based platform.
b. Opportunity to save more than 90% amount.
c. Currency derivative, equity and other FAQ.
d. Free from value based brokerage and applicable charges.
e. Manage your all investment via single account.

Online insurance
a. Brings the right insurance policy for you.
b. Facility of online premium payment along with saving opportunity.
c. One of the suitable places to invest amount.
d. Facility to compare multiple policies and their premium amounts.
e. Customers may easily pick best plan among car, health, term and life insurance.

Technology Based Platform availed by 5Paisa

Web or browser based
This type of trading solution is available on internet explorer, Mozilla firefox and Google chrome. Some important points are outlined below
a. Instant Fund Transfer Facility: just enter your banking credentials and amount will be transferred in specific account.
b. Instant trading facility: customers will find one of the convenient platforms to operate all trading investment.
c. Option to invest in mutual funds: customer may easily buy SIP to earn benefits.

Desktop Based Platform
a. Information about Trending Ideas: Find the best solution on topics like derivative and equity.
b. Advanced Technology Based Chart: Customers will easily find historical and intraday charts to boost your performance and improve your poor areas.
c. Facility to customize list: User may easily manage multiple watch list and required tasks.
d. User friendly nature: platform will offer multiple option to make trading easier and quick responding.

Mobile Based Platform
a. Mutual funds investment options by creating your watch list.
b. Easy to manage account and other respective details to keep account robust and secure.
c. Multi asset watch list that avails information about all investment made by single user.

Easiest Process to Open DEMAT account online

1. Fill your personal information in details.
2. Then enter information about your banking history and transaction.
3. Upload scan copy of required documents.
4. Now go for payment option.
5. E-sign your form then within few minutes account will be activated.

Why 5Paisa Demat Account?

Smart Advisory
It is quite important to understand the importance of analysis and research before opting for any investment. So due to this reason company offers the facility after completion of complete technical and derivative research.

Reliable Brand
5paisa is one of the most frequent and reliable online platform that avails services in with the help of IIFL group and has built strong trust on customer mindset.

We understand the value of Money
It is beneficial to pay brokerage charges in percentage rather than opting for commission based option. 5paisa charges flat rate Rs 10 per order rather than applying different types of charges.

Dedicated Customer Support
Product of 5paisa will help users to become self dependent but in case of any need technical support team will offer complete help to resolve any possible issues while using the product and services. Here customers will get appropriate advice regarding respective issues.

Advantages of 5Paisa Demat Account

Regular Trading Strategies
Experience Expert team monitor all records on basis of performed transactions. Users will receive SMS regarding most suitable plans that will give extra benefits.

Reputed Company
Company is integral part of IIFL group, trusted y more than 3 crore customers and offering services since 1998.

Add on or Value Added Services
Company avails the facility of free account opening facility, right after first five trading. Customers will get free mutual fund account without any charges.

Flat Fee INR 10/-per Order
5paisa charge only INR 10 per order rather than charging on basis of percentage and commission.

Extra Benefits
Customers may easily compare insurance and mutual funds based policies and then take decision accordingly for final processing. Apart from extra advantages users will get the facility of Fno and share compare.

How Demat account works?

  1. Sign account opening Agreement with Depository Participant
  2. Depository provides unique client ID
  3. DP provides instruction slip, which is required in case when an investor wants to transfer his shares to other depository or investor
  4. Investor fill ups dematerialization Form along with attached physical certificates and submit it to depository participant
  5. Within a time period of 30 days, physical shares are transferred in dematerialized form into Demat account
  6. Once the shares are transferred in Demat account, investor can buy or sell shares in a dematerialized form.

Advance Research based strategy of 5paisa

a. If you are looking for latest and evacuated stocks then this is one of the best options that you can get.
b. It is a strongest research based tool; calculate performance on basis of investment made on stock.
c. Basically it takes help from CAN SLIM methodology to recognize the future of available stock .
d. It is a kind of decision making tool offers exclusive support on research and analysis along with remaining ideas.

CAN SLIM Methodology

This approach is introduced by the renowned US investor William J. O'Neil, after researching on basis on previous 125 years. Basically CAN SLIM stands for

C- Current Earning: - You must look for bigger earning opportunities other than previous years. Brings better and bigger opportunity.

A-Annual Earning: - It will specify annual growth rate for past rate three years, but growth must be around 25% per year.

N-The new factor: - Factors refers to high price, new product, management and services, these things may rely on business atmosphere and condition of trade.

S-Supply and Demand: - It is kind of basic principal that based on need and supply of respective product available in stock market.

L-Leader or Laggard: - Companies that reflects remarkable growth rate, higher earning, superior price, consistent performance, higher sales and leading the market as a leader.

I-Institutional Sponsorship: - It basically refers to bank and mutual funds along with other demanding investor, playing major role in driving market.

M-Market Direction: - It refers that out of every 4 stock at least three will follow the same trend as far as return offering is concern.

Product Observation

Model Portfolio: - Experienced team of research analyst managed the list of stocks. User may access these resources via home page. It also brings regular updates regarding growth of trade and finance.

Stock Evolution: - It can be accessed in trade section via watch list and search option. It can be easily accessed via other options like advance search section. It is a combination of property rating, pattern recognition based stock chart. This type of information will play vita role in further analysis and research.

Market Outlook: - it will give regular statics and report card of growth and other related information.

Idea List: It will offer best stock related growth rate based report that generated via structured algorithm.

5Paisa Contact Details

1.Customer Support Number: +91 89766 89766
2. Email at:
3. Corporate/ Head Office: Sun Infotech Park, Road No. 16V, Plot No.B-23 Thane Industrial Area, Wagle Estate, Thane - 400604