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    *. Top Trading Platform and Facility.
    *. Zero Demat Account Opening Charge.
    *. Offers Flexibility in Trading Plan Selction.
    *. Reliable and Secure Transaction Facility for Account Holder.


1. IPO: Yes
2. Currency:Yes
3. Equity Trading: Yes
4. Bonds: Yes
5. Debt Fund: Yes
6. Mutual Fund: Yes
7. Comodity : Yes


1.Equity Future: 0.05%
2.Equity Delivery: 0.50% to 0.10%
3.Currency Options: INR 25/Lot to INR10/Llot
4.Currency Futures: INR.25/Lot to INR 10/Lot
5. Equity Options: INR100/Lot
6.Equity Intraday: 0.050% to 0.010%

Religare Demat Account

Religare is one of the best reputed online DEMAT account opening facility provider. Account holder will get facility to access anytime and from anywhere too as per their comforts. Account holder will also get the facility of managing their online trading and electronics business. As we know that DEMAT account works as normal account. DEMAT account is absolutely free and bank will never ask for any extra charges. If you are using religare DEMAT account then managing your share and money transaction will be much easier & comfortable.

Demat account is a dematerialized form of account which holds all your shares and trading details in an electronic form. This is somewhat similar to traditional bank accounts where individuals keep their funds save and secured. Instead of keeping funds, traders deal with buying and selling of shares and are credited or debited accordingly. 

Benefits of Religare DEMAT Account

1. Accountholders can have free access to demat account for limited periods

2. Avail margin facility to trade on existing demat holding

3. Have access to all investment tools like equity, gold ETFs, mutual funds, preference shares, etc. all at one place which makes it easier for the accountholder to determine their overall portfolio

4. Get expert research recommendation and efficient research tools.

5. Religare offers 4 types of basic expert research reports – daily reports, weekly reports, monthly reports, and special reports. With such detailed reports, accountholders can transact with the right stocks based on technical, fundamental, and analyst recommendations

6. Religare Broking Company is a member of the NSE (National Stock Exchange), BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), MCXSX (Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India), USE and a depository participant with NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) and CDSL (Central Depository Services Limited). 

Steps to Open DEMAT Account with Religare

1. First of all contact to depository participant (DP) and fill the application form along with valid details, documents.
2. Depository participant (DP) gives you information about the policies and procedure of account opening.
3. Then any authorize person from depository participant will contact you for personal verification.
4. After completion of depository participant will tell you about your account number and further processing.

Important Document to Open DEMAT Account

1. Applicant PAN Card is mandatory.
2. Recent Passport Size Photograph.
3. Valid Identity Proof.
4. Valid Address Proof.
5. Recent Bank Statement.

Why to open an account with Religare?

Religare avails the facility of DEMAT Account, availed by the religare broking, to handle all business and other investment related transactions for all customers. Company is known for availing services like commodity, equity and currency related transaction along with depository services. Religare is one of the top company that avails best investment option in stock investment since 1994. Company is depository partner with CDSL and NSDL, associated with USE, NSE and MCXSX. It refers that company is reliable and will provide opportunity for maximum return on investment.

Why to have Demat Account?

As we know that investment in share or stock market is one of tedious task, especially when it comes to operating though traditional ways. If you will opt for traditional way they then it will consume plenty of paper work and it will be time consuming process too. To resolve this issue it is better to go for online option. As far as trading is concern DMAT is quite necessary for stock exchange. When it comes to permission of SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India), user may choose traditional system for 500 share but remember that it is neither mandatory nor preferred by the investor too. As per policy, demat account contains the information regarding insurance, government securities, share, mutual funds, bonds, funds. It can be said that it is important part of converting physical records into electronics form then credit that record into demat account of respective individual.

Key Features of Religare Online

As we know that trading accounts are quite integral part of all commercial and investment related transactions. Some interesting facilities that customers will get are

TchScan: This is technical scanning tool that help to get information about best investment option and analysis of invested amount with current valued of stocks.
b. Quality Research Report: Existing users will get facilities like special reports, daily reports and monthly reports along with weekly reports. Apart from this users will receive analyst and technical recommendation. Report will be available in English as well as Hindi along with information regarding selection of basic stock based fundamental.
c. Star Rating Tools: This is quite special tool that avails the facility of stock trading tips and stock market analysis tool.
d. Power FnO: In derivative market this tool brings the facility of real time price tracking, analysis along with vital trading opportunity.

How Online Demat Account Work?

When someone sell or buy share of any company and respective DP will be debit or credit in account as per applicability. Basically two depositories in India the Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL) and the National Securities Depositories Limited (NSDL, these two are responsible for managing all share and depositories in appropriate investment option.

Process to Open Religare Demat Account Online

1. Customer need to contact to depository participants (DP) to fill the application form to open trade account, also carry all required documents, photographs along with original document regarding verification.
2. Customer need to follow all rules and regulation along with required terms and condition including applicable charges.
3. Before taking any further call depository participants will contact users regarding personal verification along with document verification.
4. After the completion of application submission, depository participants will provide client ID and account number.
5. After account activation, user will be able to access that account to perform respective transaction.

Add on Benefits with Religare Demat Account

1. Personal Recommendation for all customer
2. Portfolio Rebalancing Notification.
3. Return that will beat Index.
4. Benchmark consistency to outperformers.
5. Least investing amount required.
6. On basis of current performance offers recommendation for future investment.

Working Process of DEMAT Account

Central Depository: As it known that in India there are two major depositories NSDL and CSDL. These two manage all existing DEMAT Account. Main task of central depository is to hold information of stack holder on behalf of bank.

Unique ID: This is one of vital part of transaction process because it identifies the identity of account holder. It will help in exchange and organization detail and required transactions.

Depository Participants: Depository participants give access to central depository. Mostly it works as mediator between the investor and the central depository. Customer must remember that depository participants could be any reputed bank, demat services offering financial institution, brokers. Religare is one of the major participants in depositories.

Portfolio Holding: Whenever user will access his/her account they will be able to access their portfolio holding and its respective details. Generally respective account holds all security related features. This information automatically updates after every transaction, it may be related to buying or selling.

Trading Account by Religare

Opening trading account is mandatory for all investor that will manage all transaction via unique ID provided by the DP. Some special features are outlined below:

a. Smooth and Simple trading experience.
b. Free account opening facility but will be valid for limited time.
c. Instant trading via mobile app, online and mobile.
d. For first year AMC charges will be Zero.
e. Existing user will enjoy latest and highly configured tools like Power FnO, Star Rating and TechScan.

Religare Customer care Details

a. Customer care number : 1860-25-88888
b. For NRI: 0120-6798000 or 0120 6130300
c. Email at: or or
d. Registered Office: 2nd Floor, Rajlok Building, 24, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019