best indian demat account


Rs. 0






    1. Rs. 5000 instant cash back on successful account opening
    2. Zero Account Opening Charge.
    3.Desktop Trading Platform: Karvy NEST
    4.Mobile Trading Platform: KarvyOnline - Mobile Trading App
    5.Margin Trading Funding No
    6.Combined Ledger for Eq & Comm Yes
    7.NRI Share Trading Account Yes
    8. Three in One Account.


1.Equity Trading: Yes
2.Commodity : Yes
3.Mutual Fund: Yes
4.Currency: Yes
5.IPO: Yes
6.Debt Fund:No
7.Bonds: Yes


1.Equity Future: 0.05%
2.Equity Delivery: 0.50%
3.Equity Options: 100/lot
4.Equity Intraday: 0.05
5.Commodities: 0.02%
6.Currency Options: 100/lot
7.Currency Futures: 0.05%

Karvy Demat Account

Life goals can only be achieved with proper financial planning. So, you need not to worry about financial planning. It's just the right allocation of funds according to your desires so that you can use that money at the right time to fulfill your life goals. Earning money is not a big deal but the money earned has to be utilized in the best way. Savings are not sufficient to beat today's inflation and that's why investment comes into mind. So, you have to invest money in the right financial asset after carefully analyzing your requirements.

Financial assets can be anything such as derivatives, equity, mutual funds, IPO, bonds, debentures, NCD, currency, commodity, etc. To get high yields you have to stay invested in a financial asset for a long period of time. You can't expect money to grow in a day. As we live in highly volatile circumstances and for to have a secured future, we need money for our health expenses, post retirement plans and for any other unpredictable situation. Thus, we have understood the necessity of investment. For investing in Indian stock market, you need to have a trading and demat account.

Trading and demat account are very essential for buying and selling shares. A Demat account is a contraction of dematerialized account, is a type of banking account which dematerialize paper-based physical stock shares. Dematerialization is the process of converting physical shares into electronic form. This process has overcome the many problems associated with physical shares such as damage, theft and fraudulent practice.

Demat account is opened with Depository Participants (DP). Depositories Participants are the organizations that facilitate make contact between investors and depositories. In India there are two depositories NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) and CDSL (Central Depository Services Limited) which are registered with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). In the market number of Depository Participants and Stock Brokers present from where you can open your Demat account for trading online. From which Karvy offers one of the best demat account in India for trading.

Kravy stock broking Ltd (KSBL) incorporated in 1990 is a part of KARVY group. One of the leading financial services companies of the country that provides stock broking and research advisory services. They offer a customized investment solution to corporate, institutions and individuals investors through its wide network of offices of over 575 offices with branches and franchises in over 375 cities across the country and overseas at Dubai and New York. Using their combine account facility one can trade in equities, derivatives, and currency or invest in IPOS, mutual funds or NCDs under one roof.

Benefits of opening Kravy demat account

The demat account offered by Karvy ahs all standard features. Karvy demat account is well integrated with its trading account for seamless transaction. You can even access the account any time anywhere online.

1.Brokerage reversal on new account opening up to Rs. 5,500
2.Offer zero demat AMC for first year
3.In transfer of securities No stamp duty is involved as, the securities are in electronic form.
4.No restriction on the transactions and you could buy or sell even a single share, which is not possible with shares in physical form.
5.Eliminates risk of theft, damage or loss of securities while moving them to and from registrars is not there since securities are in electronic form.
6.For taking loans you can use securities such as shares, mutual fund units, shares and debentures held in your account as collateral.
7.Systematize all securities in one place as it is not just for shares, it can also hold other securities and investments.
8.In the demat accounts bonus issues, right shares, or stock split offered by companies are automatically updated and dividends, refunds, or interest are also directly available to the demat account holder.

Documents required for opening demat account

1.Dully filled application form with valid signature along with passport size photographs
2.Pan card issued by the Government of India (mandatory requirement for all investors except for individuals exempted from obtaining PAN (listed in Section D).
3.Proof of identity such as passport, voter ID card, driving license, PAN card.
4.Address proof such as copy of ration card, voter ID card, passport, bank passbook, Verified copies of Electricity bills (not more than two months old)/ Telephone bills (not more than two months old)/ Leave and License agreement.
5.Proof of bank account such as a Cancelled Cheque (with your name above the sign here section) is required of the bank you wish to link with your trading account, Bank statement of the respective bank.