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    * Welcome Gift Voucher Worth INR 2000.
    * CONTACTLESS Transactions Facility.
    * 2.5% Cash Back with Per Transaction.
    * Discounts on Fuel Stations in Tax.




Fbb SBI STYLEUP Credit Card

Fbb SBI STYLEUP Credit Card is joint venture of state bank of India (SBI) and Fbb. This credit card is best for those who used to go supermarket, shopping malls and other shops to buy different types of accessories and clothes. SBI is helping users to make their shopping experience interesting and affordable. Are you a Shopaholic and loves to have latest and trending fashion clothes and other accessories? Unwillingly, you end up doing window-shopping because you already ran out of the money and don’t have a budget to buy your favorite fashionable outfit and accessories. Hold on, because you don’t have to worry now as India’s most-trusted bank – SBI (State Bank of India) has launched a credit card to meet your preferences. There is nothing bad in being a shopaholic as it boost good mood. If you too loves shopping, then SBI’s this credit card is surely a perfect pick for you. In association with FBB (Fashion Big Bazaar), State Bank of India brings SBI FBB Style Up Card to offer you a range of unmatched shopping experience. Fashion Big Bazaar (FBB) needs no introduction as it is one of the trendiest stores in India to cater your clothing and lifestyle demands. SBI and FBB joined hands to make your shopping experience better than ever before along with exclusive discounts and offers.

Why to get FBB Credit Card?

FBB is definitely among India’s most leading fashion brands. Well, if you are brand conscious, urban fashion wear shopper, foodie, and among those category of people who easily fall for shopping around a lot of fashion wear and other accessories, then this probably the best card for you. You can also call it as a reward card from SBI, in association with FBB, to their customers. This card is co-branded with Food Bazaar, Big Bazaar, and FBB to meet your everyday dining, grocery, and clothing demands.

There are lots of encouraging reasons to have a credit card, take a glance over few of them.
Boost your credit score – Yes, credit card do boost your credit score. With improved credit score, you can get access over better deals in future. However, make sure to clear the outstanding balance before or on due date.
Emergency source of funds – India is a country with so many occasion and festival celebrations and it is nothing new to run out of the budget to meet those celebrations. Whether it’s your birthday bash, your friend’s wedding, or an official party, just wave your FBB card at Food Bazaar, Big Bazaar, and FBB for respective requirements and kick out the financial worries.
Fraud and skimming protection – This card comes with EVM and chip technology which protects the card against the risk of fraud and skimming.
Track your expenses – Generally, while carrying cash, it becomes little tough to track the expenses in which the money has gone. But, with this plastic money, you can easily track your expenses and get the monthly credit card statement right at your registered mobile number.
Convenience – Forget about carrying cash wallets and being worried about theft, now, shop at your convenience with SBI’s this credit card specially designed for shopping lovers.
Rewards – Who isn’t keen to get gifts and rewards in whichever form. Get welcome and earn exciting reward points with every purchase at FBB, Food Bazaar, and Big Bazaar. Redeem the points and get additional discount on your next purchases.
Easy financial management – Make an effective balance between your income and expenses without compromising with your fashion demands.

Extended warranty – You can easily extend the warranty of your credit card by paying a nominal fee of worth Rs.499.
Decreased risk of disputes – Both SBI and FBB are most trusted brands in their particular sectors, thus, the risk of dispute between the parties decrease to a very extent which also supports for great user experience.
 Wide range of fashion choices for men, women, and kids.

Features of Fbb SBI STYLEUP Credit Card

1. Online account managing facility and allow user to access account anytime from anywhere.
2. Email and SMS alert facility for card holders.
3. Globally accepted and used in more than 24 million outlets.
4. Cardholders will get flexible payment options.
5. Free SBI ATM accessing facility to withdraw cash.
6. SBI avails its customer support that helps users to sort out their issues.
7. Apart from SBI, users will get 24*7 customer support from Master/VISA to resolve any financial or offers related issues.
8. Flexible EMI payment facility in case of large scale payment.
9. You cheque book is one call away.
10. Add-on cards for your family members without any extra charges.

Benefits of Fbb SBI STYLEUP Credit Card

This credit card is a host of exclusive privileges for cardholders, excited to know about the perks, scroll down.


• New users will get a FBB gift voucher worth Rs.500 as a greeting gift
• Get 2000 reward points every year as anniversary bonus gift
• Gift vouchers can be redeemed within a year from their issue date
• Gift vouchers can be redeemed at any FBB store for specific fashion brands
Reward points:
• Get 10 times reward points every time while shopping at Standalone FBB, Big Bazaar, and Food Bazaar outlets along with on all your dining expenses
• Earn 2.5% cash back on all your expenses
• Get 10% flat off on purchase of fashion apparels, footwear, accessories, and lots more throughout the year
• Shop without any limitation and get exciting discounts on daily, monthly, and annual shopping
• Discounts are offered apart from the existing promos and deals offered by the store or brand
Fuel surcharge waiver:
• Get 2.5% fuel surcharge waived on minimum fuel transaction of worth Rs.500 and maximum transaction of worth Rs.3000
• The offer is applicable at every petrol pump across India
• Earn a fuel surcharge waived worth Rs.100 on every credit card cycle
High speed transaction:
• Make your transaction with STYLEUP credit card done at high speed, just wave your contactless card at a secure reader and the transaction is done. As a result, the transactions are incredibly fast, easy, and convenient
• Save time with quick transactions
• Make safe and secured transactions with this contactless card
• Ideal for everyday petty expenses
Go online:
• Get real-time credit card statement by managing the card online via
• Track your card spends via the spends analyzer
• Request for duplicate card statement
• Report hotlist stolen/lost cards
• Get monthly e-statements
• With SBI card alerts, stay updated with the latest discounts and offers on the card
Stay secure:
• Make highly secured transaction with this Contactless credit card verified by VISA
• Improved security and protection against fraud with this EMV Chip Card while making the transactions as compared to those Magnetic Stripe Card transactions.
Easy apply process: • If you are attracted to grab the card benefits and get an unmatched shopping experience, then you can easily apply for this credit card online. The process is quite simple and easy.
Track your application status online:
• With the help of digital technology, you can conveniently and easily track the real-time status of your credit card application. Once you apply for the credit card, the bank generates a unique application code to let you track the running status of your application.

What is EMV?

Now, the query that comes in is that what exactly is EMV? Basically, EMV stands for “Euro pay, MasterCard, VISA”. These three companies have combinely sponsored the global standard for payment card transactions. This also ensures the global acceptance of the card.

What is a chip card?

A chip card is embedded with a microchip. Within this microchip, confidential details like a cardholder’s account number and PIN number are piled-up. This card security system enables the card to perform multiple transactions at a time.

So, here the concern is why EMV cards? To get a fair idea about the importance of EMV cards, go through the below mentioned points:
• Chip cards transactions are fast, reliable, and easy
• They are far more convenient than those magnetic stripe cards
• They deliver improved security against skimming and counterfeiting
• Multiple applications can be hosted on the same card which results in earning more discounts and reward points

So, this was about the benefits, now take a glance over the promising features of SBI FBB STYLE UP Credit Card:

Cash withdrawal:
• A cardholder is free to withdraw cash anytime with their credit card from more than a million of VISA ATMs not just within India, but, also, abroad. Easy bill pay facility:
• Pay your credit card bills without any additional fee and charges via SBI Easy Bill Pay facility
• Never miss the due date of your insurance premium, telephone, electricity, and other utility bills
• Enable “SBI Card Auto Bill Pay” and leave the worry back to remember the due dates of utility bills. This feature will automatically make payments of the bills on their specific due dates
Flexipay facility:
• Pay your bills with your credit card and pay back your transactions in easy monthly installments via Flexipay
• Purchase your favorite fashion apparel, footwear, and other accessories worth Rs.2500 or more and payback in easy monthly installments. All you need is just to login the SBI Card website within 30 days of your purchase
Easy money facility:
• Meet your emergency needs with easy money facility
• Request a cheque or draft against the current card limit
• Get the cash right at your doorstep
Balance transfer: • This is another add-on feature of SBI credit cards.
• Pay the outstanding balance of other banks with your credit card and avail low interest rates on easy installments
• Payoff the balance in easy installments within tenure of 3 to 6 months
• Take pleasure of no interest on your purchases
Wide acceptance:
• Being the trendiest fashion store in India, the FBB credit card is accepted globally at every FBB store or outlet.
• There are around 280 Big Bazaar hypermarkets and more than 50 stand-alone outlets only in India.
Add-on cards:

• Why shop alone, share the benefits and privileges of the card with your closed ones
• Ask your parents, siblings, children, or spouse to join the credit card account
• The only condition for add-on cards is that the partner should be more than 18 years old
• No additional fee or charge for add-on cards
Emergency card replacement:
• Request for emergency card replacement not just within the country boundary, but, also, in foreign countries
• SBI’s 24*7 card helpline service for Emergency Card Replacement is active across the globe
Drop box or ATM locator:
• Locate the nearby SBI ATM or credit card drop box via SBI’s website or mobile application. Cash back offer:
• Save on your expenses with this cash-back feature. Get a certain percentage of shopping value waived every time you spend on pre-specified brands on the card. Purchase fashion accessories, clothing, and footwear with your FBB card and get the cash back.

SBI FBB credit Card Fees and charges:

 Joining fee worth Rs.499 excluding Government service tax
 Annual fee worth Rs.499
 Interest rate policy:
• No interest would be charged for initial retail purchases made during first 20 to 50 days
• After the interest-free period, up to 3.35% interest would be charged per month from the date of purchase, that is, 40.20% per annum.
 Minimum amount due worth Rs.200 + service tax or 5% of total outstanding balance
 Cash advance limit up to 80% of the credit limit at 3.35% of interest rate per month from the date of transaction
 Cash withdrawal fee would be charged at 2.5% on the transacted amount or Rs.300, whichever is higher. Cash withdrawal fee from international ATMs would be charged at 3% on the transacted amount or Rs.300, whichever is more.

 Late payment charges:
• NIL for amount due less than Rs.200
• Rs.100 will be charged if the due amount is between Rs.200 to Rs.500
• Rs.400 will be charged if the due amount is between Rs.500 and Rs.1000
• Rs.500 will be charged if the due amount is between Rs.1000 and Rs.10000
• Rs.750 will be charged if the due amount is more than Rs.10000
 Over limit charge applicable at 2.5% on the over-limit amount to a minimum of Rs.500
 Emergency card replacement (domestic) charges applicable worth Rs.100
 Emergency card replacement (overseas) charges applicable worth Rs.175
 Cheque pickup charges worth Rs.90
 Cheque bounce or invalid charges applicable at 2% of the cheque amount (minimum of Rs.350 and maximum of Rs.500)
 Cash OTC fee worth Rs.100
 Foreign currency transfer or transaction charges applicable at the rate of 3.5% conversion markup
 Rs.100 per statement request would be charged if the statement is more than 2 months old
 Charge slip request fee worth Rs.225 per charge slip
 Renewal fee worth Rs.499

Eligibility criteria for this style credit card:

o Age – an applicant should be above 18 years
o Nationality – he or she should be a resident of India
o Income – he or she should have an annual income more than Rs.3 lakh

Documentation required for getting the credit card approval:

 A copy of PAN Card or Form 60
 Passport sized color photograph
 A copy of latest pay slip, IT return, or Form 16 for income proof
 A copy of passport, voter ID, Driving license, or Adhaar card for identity proof
 A copy of Ration card, passport, electricity bill or telephone bill for residence proof