SBI Air Platinum

SBI Air Platinum




₹ *


    * 5000 rewards points as welcome gift.
    * Air India Frequent Flyer Membership as Reward.
    * Spend INR 100 and earn 2 rewards points.
    * Book your Air India Ticket and Earn Rewards.


Monthly Income ₹ 40000


Air India SBI Platinum Card

If you are looking to get maximum discount while booking flight tickets, hotel rooms booking or selecting any holiday package then this credit card is best for you. For all frequent travelers this card avails some of the best offers and cash back opportunities and help users to finish their trip in affordable budget. Cardholders will get interesting offers by the time. Maximum deals will be available for international tours and vacation trips. Founded in 1806, SBI is the oldest bank in the public banking sector. Being an Indian multinational embassy, it is the most trusted financial service provider. The institution is a government-owned corporation headquartered in Mumbai. SBI launched a number of loan and credit card schemes to meet every individual financial need at low interest rates. One of the best credit cards designed for the frequent travelers is SBI AIR PLATINUM Credit Card. SBI issues 2 co-branded cards in joint venture with Air India; one is the platinum variant for the beginners and the other one is signature variant for high spenders. Among both of these, platinum card variant is much better than the signature variant due to its additional benefits and features to the cardholders. Air India SBI Platinum Credit card is a masterpiece card for long-term loyal customers of Air India. The card promises to deliver rewarding experience to frequent flyers. It can be said that the card is a collaborative effort of the well-established bank and the domestic carrier. The key purpose of the card is to offer comfortable, relaxed, and hassle-free travel. Thus, the card is the best in its segment offering exciting regular discount and deals for the card owners. Continue reading to know more about this delighting card.

Air India SBI Platinum Card Features

• Complimentary visa lounge access
Enhance your travel experience with complimentary lounge access and take a moment to relax in the arms of luxury and freshen up the mood before taking off. Get maximum 2 lounge access every calendar quarter at any major airports of India.
• Cash on the go
Never run out of the money if you have this privileged credit card. Withdraw cash anytime from your available credit card limit from more than 1 million VISA ATMs across the globe and more than 18000 ATMs only within India. There are about 10000 SBI ATMs available in more than 100 cities in India.

• Global acceptance
The card is a host of exciting perks and delights not just within India but, also, beyond the domestic boundaries. You don’t to have look where you are traveling because the card can be accessed at more than 2 million outlets across the globe including about 285000 outlets only in India.
• Add-on cards
Why travel and take the privileges alone when the same can be shared with parents, siblings, children, or spouse. The only condition for this feature is that the partner should be more than 18 years old.
• Emergency card replacement
Don’t worry even if your card is lost anywhere in the world and get the Air India Platinum Card replaced. A helpline number remains active 24*7 for emergency card replacement even if you are traveling abroad.
• Lost card liability cover
Don’t bother about the cash when the card is lost even when you are traveling abroad. Get complimentary lost card liability cover up to Rs.1 lakh. However, the cover is applicable from the period of 48 hours prior to reporting the loss till seven days after the reporting of the loss.
• Flexipay
Convert your purchases above Rs.2500 into easy monthly installments. This feature is only applicable if you subscribe Flexipay within 30 days of purchase. This feature comes with elastic pay back options.

Tenure Option

installment (Rs.)
* Per Rs. 1,000

6 Months


12 Months


24 Months


Flexipay fee and charges:
o Interest rate of 14.5% per annum is applicable on the installments
o One-time processing fee of 2% will be levied. Minimum of Rs.199 and maximum up to Rs.1000
o 3% cancellation fee will be charged on the outstanding amount if a user shuts or terminates the Flexipay plan

• Easy bill pay
Never miss the due date of telephone, electricity, insurance, and other utility bills. Avail easy bill pay facility at zero charge. It has multiple convenient features like:

o Auto bill pay – No need to remember the due dates for paying utility bills, just register the bills along with their specific due dates once and enjoy timely bill payments every month.
o Pay fast – No need to rush to the billing counter for paying every bill. Pay bills online at your own convenience.
o Top-up and recharge – Never run out of the mobile balance and recharge your mobile phone, DTH, and pay bills online.
o VISA bill pay – Sit back, relax, and take your convenience to the next level by paying off the due amount online with SBI VISA Card.

• Balance transfer on easy installments
Transfer the outstanding balance of credit cards and loans from other banks or financial institutions to the SBI AIR Platinum card to avail lower rate of interest on the installments. Just log on to SBI CARD webpage with your registered user ID and password to subscribe balance transfer on EMI.

• Easy money facility
Get a draft or cheque delivered at your door step against the available credit card limit.

• Online ticket booking
SBI Air Platinum card is not restricted to flight bookings only, but, you can also book the railway tickets online and get them delivered at your doorstep. Though, to avail the feature, follow the below steps:
o Visit IRCTC website
o Register free of cost
o Login with your registered user ID and password
o Select the train and book the tickets
o Pay for the tickets using your SBI credit card at the payment gateway

Air India SBI Platinum Card Benefits

1. Air India Frequent Program, Free Membership and Discount in Travel Fare.
2. Cardholders will get 5000 rewards points and 2000 rewards points as anniversary gifts.
3. Globally accepted in more than one million SBI ATMs.

Eligibility for Air India SBI Platinum Card

• An applicant should be the resident of India
• He or she should be more than 21 years old
• He or she must have a valid income and residential proof

Charges and Fees of Air India SBI Platinum Card

• Joining fee of Rs.1499
• Annual renewal fee – Rs.1499 from second year onwards
• Add-on card charges – NIL
• Interest free credit period of 20 to 50 days from the date of purchase (the offer is only applicable if previous month’s outstanding balance has been paid in full)
• Finance charges – up to 3.35% per month, making a sum of 40.2% per annum, from the date of transaction
• Minimum outstanding – 5% of total due amount (minimum Rs.200) + EMI (if any) + OVL (if any) + all applicable taxes
• Free credit period – NIL

• Cash advance limit – only up to 80% of the available credit limit and maximum up to Rs.15000 per day
• Cash withdrawal charges – While using SBI or other domestic ATMs, 2.5% of the withdrawn amount or Rs.300 per transaction (whichever is more) will be charged. On the other hand, on using international ATMs, Rs.300 or 3% of the withdrawn amount (whichever is higher) will be charged per transaction.
• Cash payment charges – Rs.100
• Cheque pickup charges – Rs.90
• Statement retrieval fee – Rs.100 per statement would be charged if the retrieval request is for two or more months old statement
• Payment dishonor fee – 2% of the dishonored amount, subject to a minimum of Rs.450
• Chargeslip retrieval – Rs.225 per charge slip
• Card replacement charges – Rs.100
• Over limit charges – 2.5% (subject to a minimum of Rs.500) of the over limit amount
• International transaction charges – 3.5% of the conversion markup rate
• Reward redemption fee – Nil for redemption on Air India Miles, otherwise charged up to Rs.99
• Late payment charges:
o Zero charges if the total amount due is less than Rs.200
o If the total amount due is between Rs.200 to Rs.500 then Rs.100 will be charged
o If the total amount due is between Rs.500 to Rs.1000 then Rs.400 will be charged
o If the total amount due is between Rs.1000 to Rs.10000 then Rs.500 will be charged
o If the total amount due is more than Rs.10000 then Rs.750 will be charged
• Surcharges:
o Booking railway tickets through ticket counters – Rs.30 + 2.5% of the transaction amount
o Booking railway tickets through IRCTC website – 1.8% of the transaction amount + applicable service charges
o Fuel surcharges – 1% fuel surcharge waiver for making minimum fuel purchase of Rs.500 and maximum up toRs.4000, exclusive of all applicable taxes, across any petrol pump in India. Maximum fuel surcharge of Rs.250 per statement cycle.
o Payment of custom duty – 2.25% of the transaction amount, minimum of Rs.75

Underlined privileges of AIR India Platinum Card

 Get 2 reward points for every spent of Rs.100 or more
 Get 15 reward points on every Rs.100 spent while booking the flight tickets via Air India website or mobile application and 5 reward points on every Rs.100 spent while booking flight tickets directly from the Air India booking counter or via a call. Please note that the offer can only be availed if the cardholder makes booking for self and not for others.
 Earn 5 reward points for every spent of Rs.100 while making flight ticket bookings via Air India website, mobile application, booking counter, or call for others.
 Exciting bonus reward point offers for annual spends of:
 Get 5000 bonus reward points if the annual spends exceeds Rs.2 lakh
 Get 10000 bonus reward points if the annual spends exceeds Rs.3 lakh
 Reward points can be redeemed to Air India Air Miles to enjoy free air travels.
 The best Platinum card privileges include complementary lounge access at any major airports across India.

Whom the card is for?

As the name suggests, Air India Platinum Card is planned and designed for frequent travelers as it has global acceptance and does not nail heavy fees for overseas transactions. Having this credit card is as important as booking the travel tickets and making hotel reservations. You need not to become spoilt for choice as banks and other financial institutions are having prime competition to secure a position in your wallets. Therefore, it’s best to fetch need-based credit cards rather than paying high annual fee and other charges for a card which is of no use of yours. Being the most reputed and trusted bank of India, SBI is announcing new and improved offers to meet specific requirements to entice and enlarge the clientele.

Get access to over 10 lakh Visa ATMs worldwide with your AIR India credit card so that you never run out of money even while traveling abroad. Track your credit account details from the comfort of your home or office. Transaction statement is transparent and protected with a password so that you can easily and monitor all your expenses. Get notified for every offers and deals right at your registered mobile number and email address.

How to apply for the SBI Air Platinum Card:

The applying procedure to get this card is quite easy and convenient. All you need to do is type FLY and send it to 5676791 from your mobile number. One of the representatives will get in touch with you. Or you can visit and fill the details on the “Apply Now” form.

Documents required:

Documents required for identification proof: An applicant is asked to submit required ID proof to specify that he or she is eligible to meet the specific criteria to apply for card. These include a copy of any below mentioned documents:
 PAN Card
 Adhaar Card
 Voter ID card
 Passport
 Driving License

Documents required for residence proof: For credit card approval, residence proof of an applicant is mandatory. An applicant is asked to submit a copy of any below mentioned document:
 Telephone bill
 Electricity bill
 Adhaar card
 Voter ID card
 Driving license
 Passport