RBL Titanium Delight

RBL Titanium Delight




₹ 750


₹ 750*


    * Exclusive Wednesday Offers free movie tickets, value back on groceries & pizzas.
    * 4000 + rewards bonus points.
    * Spend INR 100 and Earn 1 rewards points.
    * Transparent Transaction System.


Monthly Income ₹ 60000


1. ID proof, address proof and PAN card for KYC.
2. Form 16/ Salary Slip along with one recent passport size photograph.

RBL Titanium Delight Card

RBl is one of the best private sector banks that avails interesting rewards points and facilities along with credit cards. Credit card holders will get numerous offers and services along with these credit cards. This is quite special credit card installed with delighting splendid offers. RBL is one of the oldest private banks in the banking sector that had made its reputed and trustworthy presence in the country. The bank offers a wide choice of financial products to invest in and acquire the financial benefits. Being one of the best financial offerings, undoubtedly, credit cards have become an integral part of our life, tailored to meet the financial demands. These cards prove out to be the source of funds at the time of emergency when a person doesn’t have enough monetary funds available. Being the oldest among the private sector banks, RBL offers a range of credit cards, each having their own exciting features, benefits, and privileges to the user. One of the best cards is RBL Titanium Delight, specifically designed to let you grab the benefits and privileges in the middle of the week. This card will definitely enhance your shopping experience than ever before because it appeals to a shopaholic. RBL Titanium Delight credit card comes with attractive delights including free movie tickets on Wednesday and reward points with every transaction. Thus, it is no doubt to say that the credit card is a great reward and cash back scheme, which should definitely be grabbed.

The RBL Titanium Delight is a basic card deliberately planned to complement the lifestyle. If you wish to grab the maximum of the benefits, it is advised to use the card at Dominos/Pizza Hut or grocery stores on Wednesday. Don’t let your Wednesday go boring, make it a WOW Wednesday with this privileged card. You can earn up to 40 reward points at every Rs.100, which is extremely higher than the reward points offered by any other bank. However, the reward rate varies from 0.25% to 10% of your purchase. Let’s move further to know more about this pleasing card.

Benefits of RBL Titanium Delight Card

The card delivers unmatched features to its users; take a look at the exciting features.
• Welcome gift – You will get 2000 reward points as a welcome gift on your first swipe.
• Additional points – You can earn additional thousand points by making purchases worth Rs.10000 within 60 days of issuance of the card.
• Reward points -
o Earn one reward point at every Rs.100 spent on traveling, dining, electricity bills, and groceries.
o You can also earn 4000 points as bonus reward if you make purchases worth Rs.1.2 lakh or above.
o Earn 20 reward points for every purchase of Rs.100 or more at grocery stores on Wednesday
o Earn 40 reward points for every purchase of Rs.100 or more at Domino’s or Pizza Hut on Wednesday
• Fuel surcharge – Get fuel surcharge waived off at any fuel station, though, the transaction should be between Rs. 500 to Rs. 4000.
• BOGO – Buy One Get One free movie ticket booking via bookmyshow website or application once in a month on a Wednesday.
• Cash back – Get 5% cash back on making a purchase at the grocery stores on Wednesday. Place order online at Domino’s or Pizza Hut and get 10% cash back.

Features of RBL Titanium Delight Card

 Transaction history – User can easily track the history of the transactions, outstanding amount, paid amount, and the available credit limit in just one click. They no more have to keep the paper bills along with them to track their expense records. You can make use of the facility provided by RBL Bank’s Cards Online Service to get the details of your expenses and transaction done in a week or month. You can also check the due date and amount of your outstanding balance.
 E-statements – Other than the transaction history, you will also get a monthly e-statement sent to your registered e-mail address so that you can conveniently monitor your purchases.
 Annual fee waived – Get your annual fee waived at a purchase of worth Rs.100000 or more annually.
 Exciting reward offers – Earn up to 2000 reward points after making the first transaction with the card and extra 1000 reward points at a spent of worth Rs. 10000 within 60 days of card issuance.
 Point’s redemption – Redeem your earned points from the wide range of products available at the RBL rewards portal.
 Wide acceptance – The card can be accessed at all merchant’s store so that you are never restricted with the choices.
 Secured access – RBL cards are secured with EMV chip and a unique PIN to deliver extra layer of security to lower the risk of fraud and skimming of the card.
 Cash withdrawal – You can withdraw the cash from your credit card limit from any ATM across India. This way, you will never have to worry about the funds even when you are out of monetary funds.

How to maximize the benefits of the card?

After checking out the benefits of the card, know how to maximize the benefits of the card. Well, the only way to maximize the perks offered by the card is to use the card for grocery and place an order at Domino’s and Pizza Hut on Wednesday. On Wednesday, you get to earn 20 and 40 reward points for shopping at grocery stores and Domino’s and Pizza Hut, respectively. This is the best deal to accelerate your rewards.

Documentation and Eligibility for RBL Titanium Delight Card

 Identity proof – a copy of voter card, passport, driving license, or Adhaar card
 Age proof – a copy of PAN card, birth certificate, or educational mark sheets
 Address proof – a copy of lease agreement (if any), telephone bill, electricity bill, water bill, passport, or Voter card
 Income proof – a copy of latest salary slip, 6 months of bank statement, IT return, or a signed document from the employer
 Passport size colored photographs

Fee and charges:

 Annual fee – Grab the benefits of the card by paying just Rs.750 as an annual fee.
 Charges on outstanding balance – Make a habit of paying the outstanding balance before or on the due date every month to avoid 3.5% interest every month on the due amount. This will help you maintaining a good civil score so that the civil score never is a barrier to get the credit card deals and loans in the future.
 Cash advance charges – Don’t withdraw the money from your credit card until it is really urgent or else you will be charged cash advance charges at the rate of 2.50% of the amount withdrawn or a minimum of Rs.300. Make sure that withdrawing cash from your credit card limit is the last resort because interest is calculated right from the date of the transaction.
 Over limit penalty charges – If your spending goes beyond your credit card limit then you will be charged Rs.600 as over-limit penalty. Suppose, if your card limit is Rs.50000 annually and you spend Rs.51000 or more then you are supposed to pay Rs.600 in the form of over limit penalty.
 Late payment charges – It is always advised to pay the outstanding balance by the due date to avoid inviting late payment charges at the rate of 15% of the total due amount. Minimum late payment charges applicable would be Rs.350 which can be a maximum up to Rs. 1000.
 Overseas transaction – You can definitely use the card even for the foreign transactions, though, you are supposed to be charged a foreign transaction fee for making the dealings. For making international purchases, a cardholder has to pay 3.5% as a transaction fee for the amount executed.

Why to have this credit card?

 Balance between income and expenses – Not we all are that fortunate that we can meet our desires with the limited source of income. You can maintain a balance between your income and expenses with this card. You never have to look at your wallet before making a plan to throw a treat for your family. Let money never be a barrier to your quality time with your family. Enjoy the mouth-watering Pizzas at Domino’s or Pizza Hut and enjoy a movie show with your loved one and that too for free.
 Global acceptance – Even if you are a frequent traveler, this card will benefit you as you don’t have to look for which city or place you are traveling. This is an ideal card even for the international traveler. You can easily convert the foreign currency transaction into the domestic currency.
 ATM accessible – You can conveniently withdraw cash from the available credit card limit from any ATM across India and abroad as well. In fact, if you use international ATM, you will receive the cash in the country’s local currency so don’t have to rush to the foreign currency exchange every time you withdraw money from ATM.
 Set spending limit – You can manage your expenditure by setting spending limit for your authorized RBL credit card. You can also set certain protocols for purchases that surpass the pre-set spending limits.
 Better account transparency – You can enjoy the enhanced account transparency as you can easily and conveniently monitor the monthly e-statement for the purchases and expenses encountered by you. Therefore, you can control excessive expense, reduce expense report cycle time, improve entertainment experience, and enhance tracking for tax purposes with the great account transparency.
 Unmatched entertainment – Be a superhero of your children. Go out with the family without checking the availability of cash in the wallet. Get free movie ticket on Wednesday once in a month and exciting discounts on orders at Domino’s and Pizza Hut.
 Reward points – Earn a double side pleasures. Throw a treat for your family and earn great reward points by using the RBL credit card.

Is this credit card for you?

If you enjoy shopping for groceries and Pizzas are something that you delight most for, then this credit card is the perfect pick for you. You can enjoy grocery shopping and get Pizza treats every Wednesday and earn high reward points for every spent of worth Rs.100 or more. You can grab the delights by paying a nominal fee of worth Rs.750. However, if the card fits well to your checklist, then this annual fee is surely worth the benefits and discounts offered by the RBL Titanium Credit Card.

Who can apply for the card?

There are certain eligibility criteria set by RBL Bank for the applicants to apply to grasp the benefits of the RBL Titanium Delight Credit Card. Check out the conditions applicable for the eligibility:

o An applicant must be a resident of India
o He or she should be aged between 18 to 65 years, i.e. applicant below 18 years cannot apply for the card
o He or she must have a monthly stable income either from a business or job
o He or she should have a good credit history
o He or she must not be a defaulter previously of any bank or financial institution

Where the card falls short?

• High-interest rate – Regardless of great offers and reward points, the interest rate on the outstanding balance is quite higher, i.e., 3.50% per month (42% annually). If you usually fail to make payment of outstanding amount right on time, then could be a costly measure for you because a portion of your payment will go as interest. Therefore, it is advised to clear the outstanding payment on time.
• Reward rate is restricted only to Wednesdays – You are eligible to earn 20 reward points on every purchase of worth Rs.100 or more at grocery stores and 40 reward points for every purchase of worth Rs.100 or more at Domino’s and Pizza Hut only on Wednesday. On other weekdays and weekends, you only get 1 reward point for every Rs.100 or more purchase. You get free movie ticket only on Wednesday (once a month) and that too, if the booking is done via bookmyshow app or website.
• Limited features – Though the features are exciting and attractive, but, are limited. The card doesn’t offer any features like golf course access or discounts on dining.

However, before making any decision based on the short falls of the card, check out the benefits and offers of other bank’s credit card as well.

Short comparison between RBL Titanium Credit Card and Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card:


RBL Titanium Delight

Axis Buzz

Welcome gift

2000 welcome reward points on first swipe and additional 1000 points if the credit limit exceeds 10000 within 60 days

Flipkart welcome voucher of worth Rs.1000 applicable on making at least 3 purchases within 45 days

Reward rate

Vary from 0.25% to 10%

Vary from 0.2% to 5%

Dinning offers

No dining offer

At least 15% off at across 5000 associated outlets

Finance charges



RBL Titanium Credit Card vs. SBI SimplySAVE Credit Card:

Welcome gift

2000 welcome reward points on first swipe and additional 1000 points if the credit limit exceeds 10000 within 60 days

2000 reward points only if you spend Rs.2000 or more within 60 days

Reward rate

Vary from 0.25% to 10%

Vary from 0.25% to 2.5%

Finance charges



RBL Titanium Credit Card vs. HDFC Titanium Times:


RBL Titanium Delight

HDFC Titanium Times

Welcome gift

2000 welcome reward points on first swipe and additional 1000 points if the credit limit exceeds 10000 within 60 days

A range of gift vouchers on shopping, dining apparel, entertainment, and other categories


Earn up to 40 points for every Rs.100 or more purchase on Wednesday

Earn up to 5 points on every spent of worth Rs.150 or more

Entertainment offers

Get up to Rs.200 off on booking movie tickets on Wednesday

Get up to 25% discount on booking movie tickets from associated outlets

Finance charges



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