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Citibank Rewards Card

* No Joining Fees.
* Enjoy over 3,600 offers across Dining, Shopping & Movies.
* Spent INR 125 and earn 10 Reward points.
* Provide payment facility through rewards points.

* Transparent transaction system.
* avails complete security feature.

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Citi Bank Rewards Card

If you are looking for credit card that avails convenient offers for shopping, traveling and other transactions. Users will get top quality offers and deals in different category. This is one of the best credit cards that Citibank avails for its customers. Earned rewards points can be used as per user requirement to buy gift items, to shop anything or for any other purpose.

Features of Citi Bank Rewards Card

1. Cardholder will be eligible to apply for loan.
2. 10X rewards points when card is used to buy at departmental stores.
3. If you apply for add-on cards then you will receive 500 rewards points.
4. 1000 rewards points, if you spend 1 lakhs yearly.
5. Cardholders will get 500 rewards points as birthday gifts.
6. Save up to 20% while paying bill at restaurants.
7. Cardholder will get life insurance cover of 5 lakhs.
8. Various offers in case of card loss liability.
9. You will receive rewards points with your transactions.

Benefits of Citi Bank Rewards Card

1. 2500 rewards points as welcome gift.
2. You can redeem your reward points at more than 700 associated outlets.
3. 10X rewards points on purchase from associate stores and outlets.
4. Accepted in India and Abroad too.

Eligibility and Documentation for Citi Bank Rewards Card

1. Applicant must be Indian.
2. Applicant must be 18+ Years old.
3. Submit your entire valid document along with PAN card, identity, address proof, income proof to complete the complete the KYC process.
4. Applicant must fulfill financial criteria as per Citibank policies and norms.

Fees and Charges for Citi Bank Rewards Card

1. Spend 30,000 or more and get full discount on annual subscription fees, otherwise bank will ask subscription charges.
2. Initial monthly interest rate is 3.25%, this way vary as per your transaction and credit history.

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