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RBL Bank Credit Card

RBL Bank is emerging private sector bank. RBL Bank is consistently expanding its operation to reach every part of country.

ICICI Bank credit cards

Icici Bank provides most authentic and reliable services to customers to change their banking experience with its advance technology

YES BANK Credit Card

Yes Bank is one of the reputed and reliable private sector bank in India. It is fourth largest private bank of India.


As we all know that credit card is a type of payment card which is use to pay bill of trading and shopping. Facilities of credit card depend upon limit, offer and its type. In modern era credit cards are important and useful because it resolves plenty of transaction related issues and make online transaction secure and reliable. If card holders use this plastic currency smartly then it's quite effective otherwise user may face some serious financial trap or trouble.

Before you start use of your credit card, user must be aware about all policies and condition of the particular card. Especially if you are new user of credit card you must ask from responsible bank or financial organization to avoid any issues in future. Credit card user must ask about transaction limits, fees, security features, Information about discount facility, transaction charges, ATM cash withdrawal limit and other useful information as per your need. In case of new policies always confirm it with card providing company. In short, it can be said that the card holder has to be aware about all policies to avoid any financial trap. Always keep monthly transaction records to make things transparent and reliable. After finalizing your choice, user may easily apply online for credit card.


Apart from above described credit card advantages responsible organization or bank offers some amazing offers and facility to customer. Some trending offers that customers are getting with their credit card are rewards points, bonus points; cash back offers, maximum discount on transactions, gifts on shopping, some customers may get opportunity in credit card renewable amount and many more.

Offers and facilities of credit cards depends upon types of credit card, some popular credit card categories are Business, Secured credit cards, Rewards, general purpose cards and several other that provides secure transaction facility and Some credit cards provider are associated with international payment gateways such as MasterCard, Visa, standard chartered and American Express.

Paying all due on time is the best way to earn and maintain a healthy credit history because in some case when card holder will apply for a loan and if credit history is not so good then the loan will not be approved easily. Just because of poor credit history respective bank may reject requests of the loan.




In case of poor bank credit history if customers credit card request is denied by respective bank then customers can go for secure credit card. This type of card is issued against term deposit by account holder and provide absolute guarantee of credit card but these credit cards have some limitation in terms of availing facility and transaction limits. Some popular cards of this category are Kotak Aqua Gold Card, Axis Bank Easy Card, SBI Advantage Gold Card, ICICI Bank Instant Gold Card and many more. If you are going to apply for credit card these make sure that you have complete information about such as fee, renewable fee, terms and condition and other doubt that you have in your mind. Above describe banks avails the facility of online application of required charg or visa card. Sometimes a card providing bank or organization asks for hidden charges without providing complete information about that fee or tax. Customer must complete all these formalities before start using credit card.

As technology is making huge impact on not only in human lifestyle but it is also affecting to the entire banking, financial, corporate and several other sectors. To eases the application process to get credit card and online application is best solution of this problem. It is less time consuming, convenient, secure and reliable than traditional System of entire processing. One of the major benefits of online application is instant approval of credit card. To apply online user need to follow steps outlined below:

a. Initially user needs to visit official website of bank where you want to apply for your credit card.
b. Fill the application form, always enter true information by following guideline of respective bank and submit application from.
c. After the completion of above specified process, bank will send confirmation SMS and email.

Offline Mode of Credit Card Application

a. It is a common approach to apply for credit card.
b. It can be executed by visiting your nearest bank branch.
c. Now, applicant needs to ask about applicable form along with eligibility criteria regarding that you is going to apply.
d. Fill and submit application form along with required documents. 
e. Another alternative regarding instant card approval is by contacting customer support team of respective bank.


Do your online research and select best credit card as per your need.
2.Check your account balance and source of income.
3. Check your credit history.
4. Check and compare your credit score. 
5. Find authentic information about credit card you are looking to apply. 
6. Read and compare customers feedback about respective credit card. 
7. Compare offers, interest rates and other beneficial features. 
8. Compare payment option as per your need. 
9. Read instruction carefully. 
10. Enter the correct details as per need. 
11. Once you receive your credit card use it carefully to avoid any financial trap.


In modern era, credit card is the best option to pay bills and perform other transaction without any complication. Most service provider, dealer, shop owner will never ask for extra amount if you are paying amount through credit card not in cash payment mode. If you are use credit card to pay your bill then respective bank will give some additional benefits to you to make shopping experience much beneficial.

In case of cash withdrawal bank stops free credit period facility and will continue once remaining amount is paid to the bank. This condition, works in case of big amount is paid by user through credit card than cash payment option. Free credit period will work when user credit card to pay complete bill in certain time interval otherwise he will not get this facility. Shop and pay smartly to avoid any financial complication and better transaction facility.




Credit card is payment cards issued by authorize financial institution or bank that provides facility to its user to perform various transactions with complete security and make payment facility easy.

As an aware and smart customer always follow and compare some main factors before applying for credit card. Some of them are:-


User must collect information about joining and annual fees to avoid making card selection much easy.


Applicants must keep information about offers, discounts, other facilities and information regarding their utilization to make best use of credit card. If you use card regularly to pay bills and to pay your air travel charges then things becomes even more important regarding offers information.


Card holder must know about current interest rate offered by respective banks on particular credit card. Apart from interest rate user must know about free credit period facility and rollover facility.


This is one of the most important and mandatory step that every candidate who is looking to apply for a credit card must follow and select the card as per your eligibility. If any financial institution tries to convince you without any written proof, never go with their advice; always ask for written information and authentic records to avoid any major financial trap. Always validate information and ensure that information that you have is accurate and authentic.

INFORMATION ABOUT CREDIT CARD Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL):-

Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL) score play important role in acceptance of credit card request and it also reflect your credit history. CIBIL score always calculate in rage of 300 to 900, where 300 represent to lowest CIBIL score and 900 represent highest CIBIL score. If your bank credit history is good then you will easily get your credit card.



If you are applying for a credit card through Applykaroo then follow following simple steps:-

1. Go to url and following window will appear on screen.

2. Enter name of your city, type of job and your monthly income and click on the search button.

3.Then,as per user detail relevant credit card's list will appear on screen.

4.Then, user can select the best credit card as per his interest and then click on the APPLY NOW button.

5. Now, Enter your personal details as per requirement in application form.

6. After detail submission,within month respective bank will deliver your credit card at your door step.


Air Travel Card

The air transport association and American airlines jointly launched this vital visa card for all frequent travelers to make their trip economical as well as memorable for longer time. Air travel credit card avails maximum number of travel related luxury along with some remarkable benefits to take things into different level. There are designed for specifically to make trip even better and interesting. There are specific criteria and most available with any interest rate. Sometime it is called prepaid card and to grab benefits of these cards user need to have enough preloaded account balance. Under this category users will find top credit card and respective rewards that can be easily utilized. 

Top Air Travel Credit Cards in India: Axis Vistara Infinite, HDFC Diners Jet, Amex Jet Privilege, ICICI Jet Saphirro, SBI Air India Signature, HDFC Jet World/Signature, SBI Prime Credit Card, HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card, Citi PremierMiles Credit Card, Standard Chartered Yatra Platinum Credit Card, Standard Chartered Emirates World Credit Card, Axis Bank My Wings Credit Card, Kotak Bank Royale Signature Credit Card.


Prepaid Credit Card

It can be said that it is revolutionary step taken by banking and financial organization to transform the entire payment system. One of the main reasons behind this is that people prefer online transaction rather than wasting time in traditional payment system. These days balance transfer is one of the main tasks of this credit card. Working process of this is quite similar to credit card where user needs to borrow credit from respective bank. It consists of logo of visa and master card, security chip, magnetic stripe, unique card number along with highly configured security chip. These things may become even more interesting if someone will look to utilize recently launched interesting and best credit card deals and other respective offers.  

Top Prepaid Credit Cards Offered by Banks : State Bank Xpress Money Card, State Bank Smart Payout Card,State Bank Achiever Card, Saral Money Prepaid Card, Indian Rupee Travel Card,The Reimbursement Card, Pay-Direct Card, Multicurrency Platinum Forex-Plus Chip Card, Hajj Umrah Card, ISIC Student ID Forex-Plus Chip Card,Axis Bank Smart Pay Card, Incredible India Domestic Travel Card, Multi-Currency Travel Card, Baroda Gift Card & Baroda TravelEasy Card, The TAJ Gift Card offered by American Express.


Types of prepaid credit card

a. Non reloadable credit card
b. Open looped
c. Semi open looped
d. Closed loop
e. Reloadable

Steps involved in transaction form credit card

a. Authentication of user
b. Batching Process
c. Clearing and settlement 
d. Funding.
e. Chargback 

Benefits of Prepaid Credit Card

a. User does not need to pay higher interest rate while paying any utility bill or any other vital transaction. 
b. Any individual can easily pick the best one as per their requirement because; you do not need to maintain higher credit score, healthy bank balance and other specific criteria. 
c. Like credit card, user does not need to wait for certain time to get their card. Respective companies instantly issue the card as per request of customer.
d. Tracking all transaction related activities is quite easy and these are quite secure to use. 
e. Open looped prepaid card can be used to withdraw amount from ATMs. 
f. Sometimes users will get special reward and cash back earning opportunity. 
g. As per their interest, customer may easily pick customized one to get special privilege on respective field.
h. Instant approval is one of the credit card is one of the striking facility of these cards.

Major Parties Involved in Utilization

a. Consumer or Card Holder: The user uses this to perform all vital transaction while shopping online. 
b. Bank that Issue Card: Reputed bank and financial organization avails this facility to ease all transaction related processing as per guideline of reserve bank of India.
c. Merchant: Under this category basically merchant and its service provider connect with each other regarding exchange of services. 
d. Bank that Acquire Services: On behalf of merchant, financial institutions accepts payment regarding services and products. 
e. Sales Based Organization: Agency that resell its services or product to merchant. 
f. Account of Merchant: Sometimes it refers to independent sales organization or acquiring bank. In most of the cases it goes with merchant that manage it. 
g. Transaction Network: It refers to controller system that handles all queries and processing of transactions. 
h. Association of Credit Card: They are responsible for handle all transaction based pact with merchant and mange services of renown service provider like visa, master, discover and several other. 
i. Insurance Provider: All reputed organization or agency offers special privilege along with insurance facility for personal, vehicle, health, travel, home and other ones.
j. Affinity Partner: Universities, sports teams, major retailers, professional organization are the best example that utilizes the services of respective bank.

Charges Related to Credit Card

1. Operating Costs
2. Interest based Expanses.
3. Rewards Program
4. Charge off
5. Fraud related issues.

Benefits of Credit Card

a. Welcome Offer or Gift
b. Cash back offers
c. Airport lounge access facility.
d. Travel related facility. 
e. Availed rewards program.
f. Airline or air miles.
g. Facility of add on cards. 
h. Special facility for master, visa, American express card users.

Features of Credit Card

a. Balance Transfer.
b. Utility bill payment facility. 
c. Alerts facility on registered mobile number and email id. 
d. Global Acceptance. 
e. EMI based payment facility.
f. Free e-statement facility. 
g. Card loss liability. 
h. Free validity for life time. 
i. Instant customer support facility.
j. Facility of life insurance
k. Facility to withdraw cash from ATM.

List of top credit card in India

1. State bank of India (SBI) 
2. CitiBank
3. HDFC Bank
4. Axis Bank
5. American Express
6. Induslnd Bank
7. ICICI Bank
8. RBL Bank 

Credit Card Number

A valid cared card number is combination of several important fields along with specific message. It is also known as primary account number or (PAN). User must know that these numbers abide by standard of ISO/IEC 7812 number system. It is understood that credit card numbers are used while performing online transactions and other vital transactions. These numbers contain the information about issuer identification number (IIN), i.e. 6 digit codes, identification number of individual account along with checksum of single digit. The issuer identification number is known as bank identification number (BIN). Another thing that user must know that first digit of issuer identification number refers to the major industry identifier and specify that where use of card will be mandatory and on the other hand total number of digit is 9 then next three digits refers to country code as specified in ISO 3166-1.


Digit Criteria in Credit Card Number

a. MasterCard: 16
b. Visa and Visa Electron: 13 or 16

c. JCB : 15 or 16 (Japan Credit Bureau)
d. Discover: 16
e. Maestro: 12 to 19 (multinational debit card)
f. American Express: 15
g. China UnionPay: 16 (Peoples Republic of China)
h. Solo: 16, 18 or 19 (united kingdom debit card)
i. Diners Club: 14 (including enRoute, Blanche, international)
j. Switch: 16,18 or 19 (united kingdom debit card)
k. Laser: 16 to 19 (Ireland debit card)

Online Checker Tool for Credit Card Number

a. Personal Account Number and Checksum: From 7 th digit to last digit minus one refers or work as individual account identifier.
b. Luhn Algorithm Check
c. Issuer Identification number (IIN)
d. Major industry identifier

Entertainment Credit Card

Are you a night life lover? Do you love going clubs every weekend? Do you frequently visits fancy restaurants? Or are you a die-hard fan of new film releases? Did you ever compromise your desires and sit back at home just because of empty pockets?

If yes, then shoot your worries out because entertainment credit card is here packed with amazing rewards and exciting bonuses. “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy!” and it comes true in the modern day society where everyone is rushing towards their life goals, not realizing that life is in the present moment. Many of times, we compromise our desires to enjoy a club night or to dine at fancy restaurants, but, no more keeping aside your desires just because it’s a month-end or you are empty pockets. You can simply redeem the reward points to book club or movie tickets or at partnered restaurants. So, set yourself free and live in the moment.

Top Entertainment Credit Card in India : Citibank Ultima Visa Credit Card, Axis Bank Infinite Credit Card, SBI Platinum Card, Kotak Trump Gold Credit Card, Citi Dividend Platinum Select MasterCard, ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit Cards, HDFC Platinum Times Card.



Travel Credit Card

Credit cards have been an inseparable part in modern day society. One cannot imagine meeting all their expenses without having this small piece of plastic card in their pockets.

Why so?

This is because, appearing small in size, the credit cards are packed with lots of benefits, convenience, and lots and lots of rewards. Yes, you read it right, rewards. While swiping your card, funds get debited and rewards are credited to your account, in order to make your shopping experience more enchanting. Cardholders can crave for more reward points while booking travel tickets because Travel credit cards come with additional reward points on travelling expenses. Earned rewards can be redeemed against travel ticket booking, lounge access, special privilege programs, and so on. Travel credit cards can be accessed globally, probably, with no additional fee and hidden charges. So, get your travel card today and fly free.

Top Travel Credit Card in India: Amex Platinum Travel Credit Card, Citi Premier Miles Credit Card, Axis Bank Miles and More World Card, Jet Airways ICICI Bank Rubyx VISA Credit Card, SBI Air India Signature Card, HDFC Superia Credit Card, Axis Bank Titanium Smart Traveller Credit Card, Yatra SBI Card, American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card.


Rewards Credit Card

How would it be if you earn exciting reward points for every spend? Isn’t it sounds great?

We all crave for rewards, bonuses, discounts, and lots of privileges and this is what reward credit cards are packed with. So, no more window shopping and no more compromising your desires because reward credit card is here to aid all your finances and can bridge the gap between limited income and infinite expenses. You can earn exciting rewards for every spent and can redeem the points against numerous options from reward redemption catalogue. Not just the cardholders can earn rewards for every spent, but, they can also accelerate the privileges on selected categories of spends. Though, special categories may differ from one card to another, therefore, it is best to go through all card-related details and informations. So, stop compromising and start craving. 

Top Rewards Credit Cards in India: Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Card, SBI ELITE  Credit Card, Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card, SBI simply click credit card, Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card, SCB Ultimate Credit Card, YES FIRST Preferred Credit Card.

Shopping Credit Card

Being a shopaholic is actually a great thing to get relieved of all worries and tensions, but, many of times, being shopaholic itself gives birth to all worries and lack of confidence, especially when you are running out of balance or you are at the month-end. But, a shopping credit card is every shopaholic’s best friend, making the most out of their shopping experience. Shopping card can be accessed at over million merchant outlets globally. Moreover, cardholders can earn exciting rewards every time they shop from the partnered brands.  So, even if you are running out of cash and desperately wants to buy a new dress for your friend/cousin’s wedding or for cracking an interview, no need of losing your confidence and slip into your personality’s best side. Apart from shopping, cardholders can enjoy a host of privileges on dining and travel as well.

Best Shopping Credit Cards in India: ICICI Coral American Express Credit Card, SBI Simply Click, SnapDeal HDFC Card, First Citizen Citibank Titanium Credit Card, Axis Bank Neo Credit Card, Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card, Yes Prosperity Edge Credit card.


Cash back Credit Card

Who else doesn’t crave for discounts, rewards, and whopping cash backs?

Cash back credit cards are packed with amazing cashback offers against spending across several categories.  Credit card reward programs come in so many varieties that it sometimes becomes difficult to choose the best card for all your spending habits. However, while choosing the cash back credit card, it is important to look for the shopping categories you prefer the most, so that you can get the most out of your shopping habits. Basically, with cash back credit cards, a particular percentage of the amount spent on the card will be returned to you as cash back. Though, cash back rewards may differ on each categories from card to card. Thus, it is best to choose the cash back credit card that comes with relatively high cash back offers.

Top Cashback Credit Cards in India: Citibank Cashback Credit card, Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card, ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card, SBI Simply Click Credit Card, HDFC Bank Moneyback Credit Card, Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card, American Express Gold Card, SBI Signature Credit Card (Elite).


Fuel Credit Card

Well, now or then, we all got admired with the enchanting road trips in movies and shows, but, rising fuel prices bounds to fulfil our admires. Therefore, fuel credit card comes packed with amazing rewards on fuel expenses, so that, you can enjoy long drives without feeling the pinch in your pockets. There are several fuel cards having tie-ups with crude oil companies across the country and are offered by banks as co-branded cards. Cardholders can earn rewards and cash back on fuel expenses. Choosing these cards might make fuel expenses slightly cheaper than usual and you can earn reward points for your long drives truly unforgettable and worth your time. Cardholders can get fuel surcharge waiver on every monthly cycle for pre-specified minimum purchase. Apart from fuel surcharge waiver, cardholders can earn accelerated rewards while shopping acorss partnered brands.

Top Fuel Credit Cards in India: IndianOil Citibank Platinum Credit Card, RBL Titanium Delight Credit Card, ICICI Bank HPCL Coral American Express Credit Card, Standard Chartered Titanium Credit Card, IndusInd Platinum Aura Credit Card, IndianOil Citibank Titanium Credit Card, ICICI Bank HPCL Coral VISA/MasterCard Credit Card.



Lifestyle Credit Cards

Luxury is something that we all crave for, though priorities may vary in different categories. Be it dining at 5-star hotels, having branded wardrobe, or preferring modern interior decor, luxury actually matters a lot in a modern day society. Lifestyle credit cards come with a host of privileges to lead a luxurious life without leaving a hole in your pockets. Lifestyle cards are packed with a lot of rewards and cash back offers.

Benefits of lifestyle credit card:

Rewards – Who else doesn’t love rewards? Everyone does and this is what this credit card is best known for. Cardholders can enjoy amazing deals and discounts across different categories.

Dining and grocery – Cardholders can enjoy additional privileges while shopping and dining at partnered brands.

Travel – Apart from rewards and dining & grocery, lifestyle credit card also gives special privileges to the cardholders to manage their travel expenses.  

Top Lifestyle Credit Cards in India: IndusInd Bank Chelsea FC Card, HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Card, Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card, HDFC Solitare Credit Card, ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card, HDFC Platinum Times Credit Card, HSBC Platinum Credit Card.

How to maintain debt-income ratio for credit cards?

In this fast-moving lifestyle, credit cards have become an inseparable part of our financial planning. However, very few understand to keep a balance of their Debt-to-income (DTI) ratio. Many credit cardholders, who believe themselves as good money managers, might get surprised after knowing their DTI ratio.

Debt-income ratio is the amount your monthly bills divided by your net monthly income. The ratio allows you to determine the likelihood of timely credit repayments to avoid any penalty charges and negative markings on CIBIL score. This is also a crucial factor considered for determining the credibility of an individual.

While reviewing loan applications, lenders compute the ratio of an applicant to determine their loan repayment ability. 43 per cent is said to be standard ratio to qualify for a home loan, though the percentage might vary from lender to lender. An individual is disqualified for a loan or credit, if not having good ratio.

Hence, even if they want to buy a house in future or get a car financed, the ratio determines whether they are creditable or not. So, be very careful while making your credit card spending and keep tracking your debt-to-income ratio for secured financial future.