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ICICI bank Credit Card

ICICI bank is one of the best and reliable private sector bank and popular for its customers friendly services. Bank avails various types of credit card. It is globally recognize bank and providing its services in more than 20 countries. ICICI is one of the best and highly reliable banks. To boost customers comfort bank use latest technology to maintain security and avoid any financial trap.

Types of ICICI bank credit card

1. The Gemstone Credit cards (ICICI Bank Coral, ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit Card, Sapphiro Credit Cards, Diamant Credit Card, Coral American Express)
2. Contactless credit card ( coral contactless credit card)
3. Fuel cards (HPCL Coral American Express, HPCL Coral Visa/MasterCard, HPCL Platinum Credit Card)
4. Airline card (Jet Airways ICICI Bank Coral, Jet Airways ICICI Bank Rubyx, Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro, British Airways Premium Credit)
5. Unifare Metro Credit Cards (ICICI Bank Unifare Mumbai Metro Credit Card, ICICI Bank Instant Platinum Credit Card, ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card against Fixed Deposit)
6. Other Popular cards are ICICI Bank Sapphiro Visa, ICICI Bank Rubyx Visa, ICICI Bank Carbon, ICICI Bank VISA Signature, ICICI Bank Platinum Identity, ICICI Bank Ascent American Express, ICICI Bank British Airways Classic, ICICI Bank Platinum and ICICI Bank Titanium.

Eligibility for ICICI bank credit card

1. Applicants must be Indian national citizen.
2. Applicants must be 23 Year old.
3. Minimum monthly salary must be 20,000.
4. For self employed customers income must be 3 lakh.
5. Bank records and credit history of customer must be clean.

Important document

1. One passport size photograph
2. PAN card of applicants.
3. Identity proof (DL, Aadhar card, Voter ID)
4. Any official document to prove your current residence.
5. Last two month salary slip.

ICICI bank credit cards benefits and features

Credit cards offered by ICICI bank are simple amazing and comprehensive. These cards are best example of importance and use of technology and make transaction much integrated and robust. Each card specifies the role and use of card to ease the customer comfort. Some popular feature of ICICI bank credit cards are:-
1. Instant approval facility of credit cards.
2. Cardholder will get discount on air travel and fare.
3. Double bonus and rewards on spends for groceries, accessories shopping.
4. Full discount on fuel surcharge.
5. Maximum discount for metro ticket booking.
6. Cardholder will get offers like buy one get one free offers on movie ticket from bookmyshow.
7. Culinary Treats facility offers more than 15% discount on restaurants bills.
8. Cardholder will get cash back rewards when they use card in gemstone collections.
9. ICICI bank allow customers to set their monthly transaction limit, this is one of the prominent service that cardholder will get as bonus.

Why ICICI bank credit cards

1. Authentic customer support: - bank provides complete security and facility for customers to make things must better and useful for them.
2. Variety: - Here, Customers will get Varity in cards and receive support in selection of credit card.
3. Pre loaded offers: - Every card holder will get offers like cash back, discount, hotel booking, movies and air fare.
4. Simple to Apply: - Applying for credit card is quite easy, transparent, integrated and secure.

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