Ways to manage your money while planning to travel abroad

Ways to manage your money while planning to travel abroad

It doesn’t matter where you go or how long you travel, using a travel credit card is one of the easiest ways to save money while travelling, period.

Different ways to manage travel expenses

Here are some ways by which you can manage your money and make your journey happy without any burden on your pocket-

• Go with ‘no foreign currency fee card’

Most of the credit card issuers charge around 3% extra if you use the card outside the United States. While some banks and financial institutions not charge any fees at all on their credit cards when used internationally. So, it is advisable before traveling to abroad always take a card which not carry foreign currency fee.

• Be aware of international transaction fees

Carrying credit card, while traveling is one of the best options to manage the expense. Always, make sure that whether your card has a foreign transaction fee or not. If it has then contact to your card’s customer service department to know the fee of international transaction.

• Take multiple debit and credit cards and track your spending

It’s a good idea to take multiple debit and credit cards when traveling abroad. If you are a couple with a joint account then you have to take both cards associated with an account. As life is full of uncertainties, then there is no Bank cards can get lost, stolen or eaten by an ATM machines. In such situation, having backup cards is a great security blanket. So, always make sure to keep your backup card(s) in a separate location in the event that your wallet or purse gets stolen.

• Rewards on clubbing

There are number of banks and financial institution which offer various travel credit card loaded with numerous benefits and privileges on various segments such as shopping, fuel, dinning, airport lounge access and more. So, it is always advisable that go clubbing for pubs and resorts partnered with your travel credit cards to enjoy higher reward points on your spending.

• Hotel stays

While travelling abroad, you also need to plan out your stays, which can cover a lot of percent of your travelling cost. Therefore, it is good to look for hotel bookings partnered with your travel card where you can earn more reward points on every spending. Also, cardholders can redeem their reward points to book their hotel stays.