Full Review of Best Entertainment Credit Cards in India

Best Entertainment Credit Cards in India

Want to live the luxurious life? Want to indulge in your favourite brands? Want to fly high? Want to entertain yourself with concierge services?

Sign in to entertainment credit card and enjoy a luxurious life without doing a hole in your pockets. Today, entertainment is high in demand among the youths, be it movies, game zones, pubs, fancy restaurants, shopping their favourite brands, and vice versa, they don’t want to compromise any one of them.

But, not being able to fulfil all those luxurious demands due to lack of cash or month-end can trigger frustrations. However, with entertainment credit card, people can switch to fun-filled lifestyle while making entertainment plans.

Entertainment cards are especially designed for people who enjoy an active lifestyle. Moreover, cardholders can enjoy a range of exclusive reward programs and amazing deals for every spent on concerts, music, shows, movies, game zones, and sports event.

Many banks offer Entertainment Credit Cards offers with attractive discounts like one plus one offer on movie tickets and also free tickets for premier movie shows. You can enjoy exclusive access and privileges at premier golf courses across the world.

Benefits of entertainment credit cards:

One plus one offer – How exciting will it be to get a free movie ticket? This can turn true with entertainment cards as it offers one free movie ticket on booking one tickets at selected merchants.

Free movie tickets – If you an existing privilege customer, then the bank will offer you special privileges like free movie tickets to premiere shows. How great it would be to enjoy the premiere show of your most awaited movie even before it hits the screen for the common masses.

Music concerts – This can be an add-on if you are love to enjoy live music concerts. No need of missing out to catch your favourite musician’s live concert even if the ticket prices are out of your budget.

Golf course and lounge access – As the name suggests, entertainment credit card offers golfing and lounge access privileges, with complimentary round of golf every month at the golf course of your choice based.

Cash back offers – Apart from enjoying unmatched privileges, cardholders can also enjoy enchanting cash back offers on shopping across selected categories.

Tips to choose the best entertainment credit card:

Though, the market is flooded with credit cards claiming to offer the best deals on every purchase. However, it is important to look out for your needs and preferences and choose the best entertainment cards based on your set of preferences. If not doing so and choosing the card that doesn’t suits to your lifestyle pattern, can actually act as a financial burden instead of aiding you financially. Therefore, it is essential to pen down certain factors before signing up to best credit card.

Spending pattern – This is an extremely important factor to consider while choosing the best card. Know your spending pattern and sign up for the card wisely otherwise it will ultimately leave financial burden on your shoulders.

Income – Another important thing to do is ask yourself do you really need a credit card? The answer to this question lies in you only. So, consider your monthly net income carefully and ask whether you can actually afford a credit card or not. Because if you are not ready, this could considerably increase your financial burden and might possibly push you in debt.

Credit card payment pattern: Easily the most important criteria in this list, one which cannot be ignored at all. As credit comes with great responsibility, you need to carefully plan your expenses and pay your credit bills on time, every time. At all costs, avoid penalty charges and accumulating interest on outstanding balance by paying off your dues. Ideally, look for a credit card that offers perks of entertainment but which also offers the best interest rate.

Fees and charges: Before applying for an entertainment credit card, absolutely make sure about all kinds of fees and charges. Sometimes, a card may offer extremely attractive rebates, but the fees associated with it might be very high. This may potentially pull you out of the reward privileges that you can earn against every purchase.

Use a comparison website: Make sure to compare and contrast your chosen credit card against other credit cards and their offers. You might find one which suits you the best. Don’t use just one site for comparison. Do your research thoroughly before applying for a card.