Best monthly income schemes


Saving is definitely a good habit to follow, especially when you have ambitious goals and to reach them, you need a good amount of money. There is a saying, ‘drop by drop is the water pot filled’, likewise every little effort counts for reaching the major goals in life. So, instead of buying lump-sum saving schemes, it’s best to opt for best monthly income schemes to grow your money every day.

While there are various saving schemes to look for, it’s best to first research and compare to make the most out of the saving plan.

Here are the top best monthly income schemes for you. So, compare it and choose the one that suits best to your needs.

Post Office Monthly Income Scheme:

Post office offers promising saving schemes under the purview of the Finance Ministry. Being a government body, it is highly reliable and trustworthy to block the funds with Post Office income schemes, while the investor can earn interest up to 7.7% per annum payable on monthly basis.

Aditya Birla Sun Life Regular Savings Fund:

With an objective to provide its customers an opportunity to grow their money through regular savings fund scheme, Aditya Birla Sun Life offers great returns @ 10.99% with extended exposure to additional benefits. The scheme is designed for every income class and thus, minimum investment amount is capped to Rs.500.

HDFC Hybrid Debt Fund:

No more chaos to choose between equity and debt investment options as HDFC brings hybrid debt fund scheme – a combination of equity and debt. There are two hybrid fund investment option to choose from: first, equity hybrid with more than 65% exposure to equity, and debt hybrid with almost 75% exposure to debt. Flexibility to choose the investment plan makes the scheme among the best monthly income schemes in the market.

Reliance Hybrid Bond Fund:

With assured returns @ 8.17%, Reliance Hybrid Bond Fund scheme makes a decent choice to invest the funds in. Applicants can pick the monthly investment amount for as low as Rs.500. Also, the risk factor is quite low, so that one can rest assure of having their funds in safe hands.

So, this was all about best monthly income schemes we bought to you. However, as an investor, choose a plan that best suits to your objectives and expectations.