Daily ATM withdrawal limit


Automated Teller Machine, commonly known as ATM, is the most convenient and handy tool to operate banking transactions. From cash deposits to instants withdrawals, a number of banking transactions can be done through ATM without paying a personal visit to the bank branch. An accountholder is just required to insert a debit-cum-ATM card and enter 4-digit PIN or password to process the transaction.

However, even though ATM provides 24/7 services, there are certain restrictions on daily ATM withdrawal limit. Once exceeding the limit, funds cannot be withdrawn from ATM until next day. Although the ATM per day withdrawal limit could vary from bank to bank. These limits were set in view of increasing number of ATM frauds.

Reports suggest that in 2018-19, around 230 cases of ATM frauds were reported in Maharashtra alone, while 179 in Delhi. In order to bring down the mischievous activities, banks have come with the idea to put withdrawal limit, while OTP will be sent for higher amount withdrawal to strengthen the security system.

SBI daily ATM withdrawal limit:

As mentioned every bank has set different withdrawal limits, subject to the type of debit card. Notably, the State Bank of India (SBI) has an ample of debit card options with different ATM withdrawal limits per day.

• SBI Global International Debit Card per day withdrawal limit – Rs.40000
• SBI Gold International Debit Card daily withdrawal limit – Rs.50000
• Platinum International Debit Card daily withdrawal limit – Rs.1 lakh

HDFC bank daily withdrawal limit:

HDFC is one of the leading private sector banks that provide a wide range of debit card options, each packed with exciting privileges and features. Though HDFC claims to 40% faster ATM withdrawals, there are certain restrictions on daily ATM transaction limit.

• Millennia Debit Card daily atm withdrawal limit – Rs.50000
• EasyShop Imperia Platinum Chip Debit Card – Rs.1 lakh
• EasyShop Preferred Platinum Debit Card – Rs.1 lakh
• Times Points Debit Card – Rs.1 lakh
• HDFC Bank Rewards Debit Card – Rs.50000

Axis bank daily ATM withdrawal limit:

Axis bank is known for its best-in-class services in the private banking sector. It provides various debit card options in both visa and mastercard variants.

• Burgundy Debit Card daily withdrawal limit – Rs.3 lakhs
• Prestige Debit Card per day withdrawal limit – Rs1 lakh
• Value Plus Debit Card withdrawal limit per day – Rs.1 lakh
• Titanium Rewards Debit Card ATM withdrawal limit – Rs.50000
• MasterCard Classic Debit Card ATM daily withdrawal limit – Rs.40000
• Gold Plus Debit Card daily withdrawal limit – Rs.50000

Punjab National Bank ATM daily withdrawals limit:

Punjab National Bank is a prestigious bank that has separate ATM withdrawal limit for all of its debit card variants.
• PNB Platinum debit card withdrawal limit – Rs.50000 per day
• PNB classic debit card ATM withdrawal limit – Rs.25000 per day

Bank of Baroda daily ATM withdrawal limit:

Bank of Baroda enables its accountholders to get access to banking services 24*7 through its wide network of ATMs across the country.

• NCMC Debit cum Prepaid card withdrawal limit – Rs.50000
• Flash N Move Visa platinum card daily withdrawal limit – Rs.50000
• VISA Classic Card ATM withdrawal limit – Rs.25000
• RuPay Platinum Card daily ATM withdrawal limit – Rs.50000
• Baroda Master Platinum Card ATM cash withdrawal limit – Rs.1 lakh
• Master Classic Card withdrawal limit – Rs.25000
• VISA Platinum Chip Card cash withdrawal limit – Rs.50000