Amazing tips to host New Year Eve Party on a budget

Amazing tips to host New Year Eve Party on a budget

As you think about 2018 and your goals for the coming year, 2019, it is significant to put an amazing yet budget plan to kick start New Year’s party eve on the right financial foot at the top of your preference list.

So, here are some strategic tips to host New Year party without going out of your budget.

Host it at home – Apparently, it would be an expensive affair to rent a space at restaurant or lounge for your party as the prices hike when the space demand soars. Therefore, it is best to host the gathering of your near ones at your apartment and have some quality time to recall all the fond memories for the year.

Keep a theme – It’s always a good idea to host a simple theme party, most preferably pyjamas theme. This way you don’t have to rush to the departmental store to find a new outfit and simply slip into your cosy pyjamas. This not just cut down the dress cost, but, you can also jump right into your bed as the party concludes.

Keep it cozy – Though you might have good bonding with all your colleagues, schoolmates, and batchmates, but, it is considerably not a good idea to invite them all in one. Limit the invite list with just close pals, so that you can make everyone comfortable and hosted with full attention at the party.

Ask your pals to bring their favourite drinks – When it comes to New Year’s Eve Party, cocktail and mocktail drinks probably consumes most of the budget. Therefore, to go with the limited budget, ask your close pals to bring their favourite drinks along with them. This way you can go with the strategy to serve different tastes to your guests with a variety of drinks, while everyone can have enough drinks.

Don’t go for big meals – Since New Year Parties tend to start later, your guests probably would have done with the dinner before arriving at your place. Therefore, skip the big meal and go for some quick, yummy, and easy appetizers like cheese balls, cutlets, and custard. So, treat your guests with a chunk of some delicious snacks and of course, pizza is always popular.

Homemade photo booth – Of course, an eve will be all about fun, entertainment, and lots of selfies. So, make your own homemade photo booth with boas, hats, large glasses and more to have quirky and amusing memories.