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What is BitCoin?

Bitcoin is latest digital currency that is universally accepted as payment method in various transactions. Users store this currency in electronics form to make transaction robust and reliable. It is completely different from normal currencies like INR, DOLLER, EURO and other ones. If someone wants to transfer amount via this currency then no third party payment gateway will be required and neither any personal information will be required. One of the major positive points with this currency is that there will be no transaction charges on local and global transactions.

In 2009, some unknown persons developed and introduced this concept. As of now there is no specific information about main responsible persons. This is one of the best examples of independent currency and currency calculation is based on some authentic mathematical calculation performing software.

Characteristics of Bitcoin

a. Easy Setup Process: Account setting process is quite easy than traditional processing. Users just need to register along with some basic details then your account will ready for transaction.
b. Transparent: Under bitcoin transaction record is managed through transaction chain known as block chain. If someone is using this address then it will be easy to know about the amount but as far as security is concern no one will be able to recognize the identity of any person.
c. Decentralized Currency: For bitcoin, there is no legally registered authority that handles all the processing and record related to this currency. In simple word like other structured policy no one is deciding the ups and down related to this amazing currency. Some authorities from Europe resolving issues to avoid any transaction related issues and flow of transaction in across the world.
d. Zero Transaction Charges: Normal bank account ask for extra charges whenever user wants to perform transfer amount into other account whereas bitcoin is free from with this type of complication.
e. Complication in Refund: Apart from above describe facility, after successful transaction, refund facility is not possible.
f. Its Fast: it quick and robust for transaction. Any register user can easily perform transaction using respective currency.
There are several platforms that offer the facility to buy and sell the bitcoin currency. Indacoin is one of them that offer the facility to buy and sell the bit coin through credit and debit card.

Steps to Buy Bitcoin Online

There are two way to buy bitcoin one is from credit card and another one is via any authentic and reliable online platform.

Bitcoin Using Credit Card

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If someone wants to buy this currency by using his credit card then he need to fill all the details required in structured format, then process for final payment and bitcoin will be credited into your specified account.

Buy Bitcoin on an Exchange

a.First of all select authentic exchange popular in your country from the list availed by indacoin.
b. Now create your account and submit all the proof as per requirement in particular geographical location.
c. Now connect your profile to your valid bank account for further processing.
d. Its time to buy or sale bitcoin as per your budget. So verify all the details before initiating the process then go for it.

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