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Available Types of Credit Cards

Air Travel Card

Shopping Card

Cash Back Card

Reward Card

Fuel Card

Prepaid Card

Introduction to credit cards:

A credit card is a financial instrument issued by the banks with a pre-set credit limit. The bank determines credit limit on credit cards based on the applicant’s credit score and eligibility. The demand of using credit cards is mounting day-by-day, thanks to the numerous features and benefits it carry. Thus, credit cards have become an inseparable part of financial life and the most convenient mode of payment. It won’t be wrong to say that credit cards come handy to meet all your monetary needs. It’s unlikely to have alternative to the cash payments, though credit cards are overtaking cash payment method at a faster pace and has become quite popular over the last few years. The credit card can be used for online transactions, at PoS, and ATMs. A credit card grants access to the approved credit limit that can be used to make online and offline payments. Cardholder is liable to repay the amount back to the credit card on or before the due date. The upside of credit cards is that they offer exciting rewards and privileges with every transaction to enhance cardholder’s shopping experience.

How does credit card work? Apply Online

A credit card is basically a type of unsecured line of credit issued by the bank or financial institutions. When you apply for a credit card online, credit card issuer pulls your credit report to check your credit score and define your credit limit based on your eligibility. Once online credit card application is approved, you can utilize the sanctioned limit on your credit card and repay the statement balance on or before the due date. You can also split your purchases and convert the transaction into easy EMIs.

Benefits of credit cards:

If you’re new to the credit card world, here’s a list of benefits and privileges you need to know.

Easy credit access

This is the biggest benefit of credit card as it gives easy access to credit, so you never have to wait for your pay-day. Credit cards work on revolving credit basis, which means you can utilize the card for online and offline purchases and later pay the outstanding balance. After repaying the balance, you can again utilize the credit card limit and the cycle goes on, so you never have to apply for multiple loans every month.

Build credit score

Credit cards play a major role to build up your credit score. Banks and financial institutions check your credit score to determine your credit eligibility. Thus, credit cards can be a great instrument to build your credit score, making your financial life more balanced and happening.

Exciting rewards

Most credit cards come equipped with attractive rewards and cashback offers to enhance your shopping experience. These reward points can be redeemed against a host of redemption options. You can even redeem credit card reward points towards the payment of outstanding credit card statement balance.

Types of credit cards:

As the demand for credit cards in India is mounting, banks and financial institutions have introduced a host of credit cards under various categories such as lifestyle, shopping, travel, and more. While you apply for credit card online, make sure to check types of credit cards online to get hands on the best credit card in India.

Rewards credit card

Certainly, this is the most popular credit card that promises attractive rewards and cashback offers to the cardholders. Reward credit cards enhance shopping experience of the cardholders, making it a best credit card option.

Travel credit card

If you’re a frequent flyer, then travel credit card is the best credit card option you can have to unlock numerous travel benefits.Travel credit cards provide privileges like complimentary airport lounge access across domestic and international airports, free flyer points, discounted flight booking prices, hotel reservation and holidaying offers, travel insurance and lots more.

Shopping credit card

The name says it all. Shopping credit cards is widely accepted and has high demand among the types of credit cards. Many banks and financial institutionsoffer a wide range of shopping credit cards to deliver unmatched shopping experience. The card offers premium discount across prominent brands.

Balance transfer credit card

There are some banks that offer balance transfer credit cards to help the cardholder manage their debt better. Cardholders can transfer outstanding balance of one credit card to balance transfer credit card at lower APR percent. Cardholders can save significant amount with balance transfer credit cards.

Secured credit card

Credit cards are mostly unsecured, although in some cases like the applicant has low credit score or no credit history at all, banks also offer secured credit cards. To apply for secured credit card, you’ll be required to deposit a fixed amount with the bank; in return the bank will sanction a line of credit usually for a similar amount. Compared to unsecured credit card, secured credit cards are easy approved for their secured nature.

How to apply for best credit card?

Holding your first credit card is definitely a great feeling, though probably you might have some queries to apply for best credit card in India.

Check credit score

Credit score is a major contributor to determine your eligibility for credit card. You need to check your credit score online to know if you are eligible to qualify for a credit card approval. Having good credit score can pave for quick credit card approvals.

Assess your needs

Every human is different and so does their lifestyle needs. Thus, before you apply for credit card online, make sure to access your needs and preferences in order to choose the best credit card. Choosing a credit card in accordance to your lifestyle needs can enhance your experience and you can focus on withdrawing maximum credit card benefits.

Compare rewards

Since the demand for credit cards is mounting every day, the market competition among banks has also increased. Therefore, select and compare credit cards online from different banks and choose one that offers highest rewards and privileges.

How to use the credit cards the right way?

Credit cards are new to none; in fact, all of you must be fascinated by the privileges it comes with. Credit card offers attractive rewards, discount, and cash backs on every transaction and thus, it gives ample reasons to be interested to apply for credit card online. While the process to apply for credit card India is extremely, it is also a great responsibility to manage credit card wisely.

Understand your needs

The credit card market is extremely diverse and has something for everyone. So, before you apply for credit card, make sure to access your needs and preferences to pick a best credit card for your lifestyle. For instance, if you’re a frequent movie goer, an entertainment credit card would be best preferred instead of some travel credit card or business credit card. Having the right credit card can help you manage your personal finances quite well.

Check credit card eligibility

Getting a credit card is a lot easier these days, this is why banks and credit card companies offer lucrative credit card offers to attract new users. However, before you apply for online credit card, make sure to check credit card eligibility first such as age group (21-60 years), income slab, and income type (salaried or self-employed). Once you know the credit card eligibility criteria, you can determine whether you can qualify for credit card approval or should wait for some more time. This will save you from pulling credit hard inquiry on your credit report.

Keep the documents ready

Once you verify your credit card eligibility, the next you need to do is keep the required documents ready for verification purposes. Generally, banks ask for all necessary documents like identity andincome proof to validate your credit card application. Identity proof documents could include Voter’s ID, Aadhaar Card, Ration Card, and Passport; while income proof can be verified through Pay-Slip, Bank Statements, and Income Tax Return Statements. However, documents for credit card applications may vary from bank to bank.

Select mode of bill payments

As you apply for a credit card, you need to select the mode of credit card bill payment, which is most convenient to you.Usually, banks provide various mode of credit card payment including mobile banking, net banking, UPI, e-wallets, and cash deposits.However, some banks may levy some processing charges on certain credit card bill payment modes, thus, make sure to check the applicable fees and charges before making credit card payment online or offline.